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Torry Hermann and Vito Glazers’ 10 Most Viral Comedy Videos Since They Got Married

Torry Hermann and her husband, Vito Glazers, are one of TikTok’s most popular power couples. The two, who got married last year, have established their spots on this platform and even on Instagram and YouTube. Torry Hermann has more than 3M followers. Her content has been viewed over 4 billion times, making her the fastest-growing female comedian on TikTok. But besides her solo videos, Torry makes videos with her husband, Vito Glazers.  

A lot of fans say that the reason why their videos resonate so well, is because her husband is a pretty serious guy, who gracefully navigates her immature humor with dry and witty comebacks that creates a modern day Lucy and Ricky Ricardo dynamic which audiences seem to not be able to get enough of.  

Torry and Vito have joined forces to create some of the most hilarious couples comedy videos on the internet today, and have been shared and liked by millions. Combined, Torry and Vito have over 100M views and likes in the past 12 months alone. Here are their top 10 videos since they got married:

  1. “Where Engagement Ring” 

The video, which features Torry Hermann and Vito Glazers, has more than 9.7M views on TikTok and over 600K on Instagram. It is one of Torry’s Russian vs. American videos, which shows the different points of view between Russians and Americans.

The video has more than 13K shares on TikTok, over 500K likes, and 3500+ comments, not counting the many times the audio has been used by girls trying to convince their boyfriends to marry them. 

2. “Isn’t it a Little Early to Be Drinking?” 

This is more of a dialogue style. Vito asks Torry if it’s not too early to be drinking, and she follows with another question, “What’s the time?” After Vito tells her the time, she humorously responds, “And on that clock, is there a time that says time when Torry cares about your opinion.”

The video has more than 8.5M views on TikTok and 450K on Instagram. It has been shared widely (23.5K shares on TT), with many people praising Torry’s comedic style and sense of humor.

3. “Dumpling Challenge” 

The “Dumpling Challengevideo has over 261K views on TikTok and hundreds of comments and shares. The video also went viral on Instagram and YouTube with over 375K views on IG and 75K+ on YouTube.

4. “Dad Bods”

“Marry a Man With a Belly” or “Dad Bod” features Torry and Vito. The video has over 100K likes, 16K shares, and 1000+ comments. A user in one of the comments said, “I watched this 5 times, loved it 😂 the neighbor’s joke is so valid about my country, too 😂.”

5. “Sexy Pumas and Naughty Walruses”

 Another viral video from the couple is “Sexy Pumas and Naughty Walruses”. The video, uploaded late last year, has caught the TikTok community’s attention with thousands of views and shares. 

6. “Mini Lasagnas in a Loaf Pan”

The video shows Torry and Vito’s diversity as comedians as they venture into something different from what their fans are used to. The video has more than 80K likes on TT.

7. “Russian vs. American Engagement Rings”

Torry Hermann is famously known for her Russian Vs. American content, and it’s no wonder that several of her Russian vs. American videos with Vito Glazers have gone viral. The video has more than 100K likes on TikTok and 3000+ shares.

8. “Most Beautiful View”

“Most Beautiful View” caught the attention of singles and couples on TikTok, with many people praising Vito and Torry’s creativity. The video has over 60K likes on TT.

9. “Glucose Guardian”

Glucose Guardian” has over half a million likes on TikTok and 20K+ shares.

10. Times Square Proposal Vlog

Lastly, the Time’s Square personal vlog. The proposal/appreciation post has thousands of views and interactions, with many congratulating the two on their engagement.