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Tommy Trax

Tommy Trax is making big waves with recent studio single, Focus

Tommy Trax is an artist and songwriter who sets the bar higher in terms of quality songwriting and amazing creative craft. Recently, he has been enjoying a lot of success with his most recent studio release, Focus. He also signed with Blanco Y Negro, creating a partnership that is sure to be bringing so much more reach and depth to his career!

Focus is a brilliant studio effort. The song highlights Tommy’s ability to combine great melodies with engaging rhythms, and the production is also really incredible, giving the release enough clarity and punch to let the audience appreciate every nuance of the production. The artist’s performance is diverse and spontaneous, reminding the audience what passion should be all about when committing something to tape (or, in this case, DAW!) The song showcases a beautiful and immersive sound, which feels multi-dimensional and never falls flat. The artist’s vocals fit within the mix to absolute perfection, and each instrument and melodic line is perfectly balanced with the rest of the mix. The song has somewhat of magnetic energy to it, highlighting Tommy’s captivating personality and unique charm.

When asked about his creative process, Tommy Trax stated that he starts every track with the melody, then adds the beat. This project helps him unlock the full potential of his vision: “I do it this way first as it helps me see what direction to take the track in.” the artist explained.

His music has a strong focus on setting the bar higher with some exciting melodies and groundbreaking production aesthetics. Making sure to have all the basics nailed down is very important, and once he’s done with perfecting all the little bits and pieces that make up the skeleton of the song, this is when he eventually adds the finishing touches.

“I add depth like strings, extra piano, or other instruments that I feel will add hype in the build-up to deliver that sick drop I want my fans to hear!”

With such a refreshing workflow, it is not surprising that Tommy Trax is able to give his songs such a diverse and one-of-a-kind vibe and make his compositions a lot more interesting because he can give the music some personal touches. Focus is a perfect example of this process in action, highlighting Tommy’s outstanding ability at multiple facets of the music production work. Not only as a singer, but also as a producer, arranger, and overall, outstanding recording artists who never uses the same tricks twice, giving his listeners an insightful and memorable experience with each and every song that he sets his mind to.

Find out more about Tommy Trax, and do not miss out on Focus. This amazing release is currently available on most of the best digital music streaming platforms, including Spotify and Apple Music, only to mention a few.

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