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Tom Helmy reveals the story behind ConsultTogether

Tom Helmy is the founder of ConsultTogether – a new social media marketing agency that is designed to help small businesses grow and thrive in today’s economic climate. Because of the rising level of competition in the commerce and business sector, all firms need some form of marketing assistance. Moreover, the marketing space has changed a lot in recent years, with traditional forms of marketing being superseded by digital channels, like social media.

Thankfully, Tom’s business can fulfil this gap in the market, and he’s taken some time away from ConsultTogether to answer a few questions we had about his business and its origins.

Tom, what prompted you to start ConsultTogether and why was it so important?

The reason I decided to start ConsultTogether was because of a relationship breakup. My previous partner and I dated for many months. At first, we were very happy and content, however, things started to change over time. She stopped responding to my messages and I soon realized that she was seeing someone else. After deciding to confront her about it, she became defensive and told me I was being insecure. Eventually, we broke up.

As many people will know, going through a relationship breakup can irrevocably change you. You lose someone who was once a big part of your life and now you’re confronted with the loneliness of them not being there. For me, I decided to channel these feelings into something constructive, which turned out to a business venture. I studied an online marketing course and have now started my own social media agency called ConsultTogether.

How important is motivation to your work?

I think for any type of career or job, motivation is incredibly important. My story reflects how it is so very important to get yourself motivated to do something with your time. As people, we can’t sit around all day wallowing in sadness about what has happened in the past. I hope my story can be inspirational to many people, as it shows how we can use our emotions to spark motivation, which can then be channelled into business ventures and entrepreneurial activities.

In your opinion, what is the most important skill a marketer requires?

For me, the most important skill in marketing is creativity. You need to be able to think outside of the box and use certain thinking processes that aren’t always applicable to business scenarios. At its core, marketing is a creative business function. Many businesses use humor, pathos or other types of emotions to build their brand value and establish customer loyalty. While there are certain prescriptions and rules you can use and apply to all businesses, their success across the board isn’t guaranteed. Often, you’ll need to change something or think counter-intuitively to find the most effective social media strategy for a specific business.

Why are you focusing on small businesses for the time being?

Because we’ve only just started our operations, I think it’s important to carve out a reliable niche in the market and focus our efforts on their needs. From what I have learnt, the larger corporations already have established marketing assistance, whereas smaller firms do not. Because of this, we are focusing our efforts on smaller businesses, who often don’t use marketing services. Thankfully, we can offer them affordable, high-quality social media marketing services, which will help expand their social media reach and customer awareness.

Why is social media such an important part of your business?

These days, social media is used in basically all forms of business. While it’s commonly associated with marketing, its practical applications are numerous. Every business should have some form of a social media presence, yet so many businesses simply don’t. Having identified this gap in the market, I made the strategic decision to create a business model that focuses on the corporate entities that aren’t engaging with social media and my research revealed to me that this tends to be smaller businesses with less financial capital.

Social media opens so many commercial and relational opportunities, primarily because it can connect your business to customers that might have never heard of your brand or business before. It’s also very affordable, straightforward and easy to utilize effectively.

Where do you see ConsultTogether in 10 years?

I have plans in place to help the business expand and grow over the next few years. However, we’re probably not looking that far ahead in terms of tactical initiatives. The world of marketing might have changed drastically in that time, which is why it is so important to have flexible plans and adaptable resources.

Thank you Tom for your time!
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