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Today’s Hyper-Connected World Has Brought Students & Teachers Closer Like Never Before – Mohamad Younes

This is the story of a nurse who drives a Lamborghini! Mohamad Younes, also known as Alphaslice, was just a nurse before becoming the face of the nursing education industry. How did it all happen – the quick fame, the millionaire status, and the Lamborghini? These questions bring our focus to the newly emerging economy of online education.

The industry of online education, for Mohamad Younes, has turned out to be a magic wand. From living on a limited monthly salary, today Mohamad Younes is living the upwardly mobile life. Tired of having to live paycheck to paycheck, he began to venture into the online teaching and mentoring profession after emigrating to the United States. Mohamad’s view of the nursing sector showed him the opportunity that lay ahead of him. With more and more youngsters choosing nursing as their career, he saw the need for good mentors who could help those students pass the NCLEX nursing exam. Being a people person, Mohamad Younes quickly attracted many aspiring students through his educational platform. His teaching abilities were well received by the students, and there began his journey towards financial stability and growth. “Teaching and mentoring other fellow nurses gives me a lot of satisfaction,” says Mohamad. His lifestyle proves his point.

For a nurse-turned-teacher, Mohamad Younes lives a life that many people can only dream of. He surrounds himself with the best things. “There’s no room for mediocrity in my life,” he proudly proclaims.

While juggling a high society lifestyle, Mohamad seldom takes his eyes off his work. “I want my course to be used in every nursing school in the country,” he says. A big vision indeed!

The hyper-connected world of today has opened opportunities for the online teaching industry to grow. Now the internet is the place for students and teachers to find one another. Not only does this help build a world filled with knowledge, but as in Mohamad Younes’ case, it helps one build wealth too.