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Tish Shares the 3 Reasons Women Should Add Weight Training to Their Weekly Routine

Cardio vs. weight training, which one to choose. This is a common question among women who are constantly working to get a perfectly chiseled body. While cardio has the buzz of shedding pounds faster, it definitely cannot compete with strength training in terms of muscle strength and toned body. Tish, a well-respected fitness expert from Canada suggests women go for strength training at least 3 days a week and focus less on cardio. With her 30 years of experience in the fitness industry, Tish obviously has some strong reasons supporting her suggestion. Here are 3 big reasons:

Promote fat loss: Weight lifting boosts your body’s metabolism to help you burn more calories by optimizing energy. This helps to burn more fat and prevent the storage of excess energy that converts into fat. Strength training builds lean muscle that tones the body and helps to sustainably maintain a healthy weight.

Increase muscle strength: Strength training engages muscles making them stronger. Weight lifting sends signals to your muscles to grow and adapt. Also, the training does not lead to bulky muscles in women as compared to men. Weight lifting promotes strength building and healthy muscle mass.

Boosts bone health: Strength training improves bone density making them stronger. This reduces the risk of workout injuries and also diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis in women. Also, few moves like lunges and squats increase functional movements of the joints keeping them healthy and strong.

Tish believes that healthy living is all about a disciplined lifestyle. It is not even close to the deprivation theory that panics many people. She is on a mission to help people she connects with to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. Tish focuses on strength training more than cardio and the reasons are obviously clear now. In addition to the four points illustrated above, strength training also promotes overall health by promoting a good mood, agility, and power. It is also effective in reducing stress. This is because strength training increases the release of endorphins, a hormone that helps to fight depression and prevents pain.

Tish was born and brought up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She was enthusiastic about fitness and wellness from a very young age. She loves to live a simple lifestyle spending quality time with her husband, parents, and pets. Her goal is to touch people’s lives in a positive way to help them embrace a better version of themselves. She believes that every person has a different body type and one fitness program cannot work for everyone. This is why she personalizes fitness programs after figuring out the challenges and the habits of people who seek her help. Tish feels that anyone can live a healthy lifestyle with some effort and the right habits.