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Three Most Interesting Alternatives to Onlyfans

Content creation is dominating the world day by day and content in today’s world is not just movies, serials, magazines and novels but insanely creative 15 to 30-second videos, memes and others that can make or break the internet within minutes. Among the top content creation platforms are Instagram, TikTok and Onlyfans. Onlyfans is a few among those platforms that allow viewers to pay content creators as a gesture of support. Another platform that does this is Patreon.

Until now, Onlyfans allowed creators to upload any kind of content including 18+ videos and have it all behind a paywall. But, recently 18+ content was banned on Onlyfans and that led people to search for alternatives, not necessarily for R rated content but just to have alternatives in case the fast-paced growth leads to one of the platforms getting banned, which is highly possible like how TikTok is in India. Here are three alternatives to Onlyfans that you can start using from today to make money.

1. Sapiency

Sapiency is a perfect alternative to not just Onlyfans but also to Instagram but with a speculative twist. Sapiency is a mobile app (iOS and Android) that allows influencers to create their own personal currencies (on the Blockchain). It has all social platform features but tokens make it way more fun. Tokens in Sapiency are tangled with a social experience – there are no followers, there are only holders of your tokens. Tokens can be either sold or airdropped – doing an airdrop gives you an instant community (who would not want some free tokens?!).

The crucial element of the creators token economy in Sapiency is something called Token Threshold. It is a mechanism where creators set the amount of tokens holders need in order to be able to see unlocked posts. For example, if you want to see a video, you need to hold at least 100 of influencer tokens – if you don’t have enough tokens, you either need to buy more, or hunt for influencer airdrops. This mechanism builds a demand for creators tokens each time they post.

Features of Sapiency

People can create their own tokens. Each holder of your token is your follower. Tokens can be bought with a credit card, and creators receive their proceeds in stablecoins. Creators can post photos, videos, surveys, articles, airdrops and soon they will be able to livestream. Adding this concept of token to the community will build a common interest and thus will help in achieving even more success in content creation. The tokens are tradable in a market and serve as a financial incentive to deepen engagements.

How can Sapiency help influencers?

An influencer can issue their own coin of a certain number and value. They can then sell the coins and earn money, maybe to better themselves with equipment or to serve a good cause. People can contribute to creators by buying their tokens, have access to unique content, participate in votings and other interactive activities to have a closer relationship with the influencer.

2. FanCentro

FanCentro is also a fan-based platform where creators can start a profile and add photos or videos as frequently as they want to. Creators have the choice to make their content available for free or they can also put it behind a paywall. The main difference and advantage of using FanCentro is that it offers multiple subscription tiers than just a single payment option. It also allows creators to have discounts and add a promotion for a short period of time to gather new subscribers.

How can FanCentro help make money?

Content creators can use FanCentro to charge per video or photo. They can also have a direct peer-to-peer transaction with a private customer to deliver content on-demand. There is also a pay-per-message based system. Just like any other similar content platform, the creator can collect tips from their fans on how much every amount they wish to pay. FanCentro makes money by placing a cut on the payments you earn and it is currently 20% of the money you make. This is also the rate in Onlyfans and other similar platforms.

On FanCentro, creators are paid weekly on Tuesdays and the starting amount is $50.

People can start earning from the third week of being on the platform.

3. AVN Stars

AVN Stars is a social media networking platform created by AVN Media Network. They have recently created a subscription model creative platform which is a competent rival to Onlyfans. The website is clean and easy to use with a wide array of tools at the creators’ disposal. There are also legal policies in place that can guarantee you protection on the internet. Just like any other platform, people can sign-up, create a profile and start adding photos or videos as they wish. They can either monetize their content with a subscription or they can charge per clip. There is also the option to connect with premium Snapchat for deeper interactions and posts can also be scheduled.

How can AVN Stars help make money?

The amount of money made on AVN Stars depends on the popularity of a creator’s page and how well they promote it. But, compared to other similar platforms, AVN has great potential at helping people make money. The platform takes a 20% cut from the revenue, which again is a normal rate and with the promotion, video hosting and name power of AVN, it is an agreeable value. AVN is a brand that has been in the business for years and by signing up on it, people get the perks of an existing audience base. There are no maximum fee limits on AVN and the minimum charge is at least $2. So, the earning potential of a creator in AVN is literally unlimited.

These are the few alternatives to Onlyfans that can get you a decent amount of revenue. As the virtual world is growing at an insane rate, so is the rate of fraudulent activities. Hence, it is advisable to do proper research and land on a trustable platform with money-making intention put second.