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Three Helpful Hints of Real Estate Advice from Northern Michigan’s Top Tier Agent/Investor

We currently live in a day and age where searching the housing market is anything but simple. What area will work with your lifestyle? How much will the lumber costs be tomorrow? Should I rent or buy? The list of questions go on and on. However, there is ONE question that can erase the entire list you may have. Do I trust my agent/investor I am working with?

Trust, in almost every profession, is the key component to success. In real estate, it is an essential. We were able to sit down with one of Northern Michigan’s top performing real estate agents, who also is an investor, and dig into the topic of trust within the markets. Trent Sims with The Mitten Group brokered by eXp, graciously provided us three helpful hints of real estate advice that can bring peace of mind to anyone who is involved in the markets:

Wisdom is an essential

Anyone who is getting involved in the housing market needs a professional by their side. Trent has become that trusted household name in Northern Michigan because of his clarity and transparency. Buyers and sellers continuously need to be wise, including intaking wise information from the professionals.

“For buyers I highly recommend staying true to your wishlist but also be willing to bend it if needed. Trust your realtor that he/she knows your wishlist and what you can afford. Don’t let a pink wall or something small push you away from something the realtor believes matches your list. Painting a wall is a simple fix. My knowledge in this market, I can look at the floor plan, bed/bath count, location, and know if it’s going to be a fit for them right away.

For sellers, please just listen to the professional. Sellers hire a realtor for a reason, so have faith in their knowledge of the market and how they can best help in the sale. Their best interest is for you. They want to sell a house high as well!”

Partner with the hardest working professional

We asked Trent what makes him different from the rest of the field. It was very evident in the passion behind his voice.

“My work ethic is stronger than others. When clients say what they want, I find it. I am very proactive and I go and get the business. What brings me joy is that I help others achieve what they want to achieve. I stay patient and I work on someone else’s timeline regardless if it’s 30 days or 6 months to a year. I refuse to be pushy. I don’t want anyone in a situation they can’t handle. I’m not just a realtor. I want to be a friend. By doing this, I am now one of the top producing agents in the area. I am in it for long term relationships, not just a transaction. I remember my clients as friends, while some agents forget their names.”

Statistical success and goals leave clues

Agents set themselves apart in becoming friends and building trust. A strong final stamp an agent can use is numbers. You want the proof? Trent has it. You want the future vision? He’s prepared for that discussion as well.

“My first year was very tough. My family has always been in real estate and so I wanted to get into it as well. I moved to Michigan, a foreign market, had no connections or friends due to moving to this area. It was a grind in the beginning building trust. Starting to build referrals, connections, and friends in the industry is important but difficult.

Once I established that trust I went from selling 4 houses in year 1, to being on track for 35 houses for $10,000,000 now. Pending/closed is currently in the $6,500,000 range.

I have goals to be a $15,000,000 a year producer. Getting involved in this industry and market at a young age and doing things the right way has helped me reach those goals. I envision being a wholesale name and having a strong identity in the area. Personally I want to own 20+ rentals and educate buyers to look into real estate investing. Trust me when I say, the stock market is great but I believe real estate investing is the true way to financial freedom.”

Top producing is no small term that gets thrown around in this industry. In Trent’s first year in real estate, he always wanted a mentor. He sold 4 houses and his current “mentor” fell away. It was at this point where he was blessed to meet and partner up with Sam Flamont, and sold 17 homes in his second year. Now Sam and Trent work side by side with The Mitten Group brokered by eXP and have the numbers to prove their friendship based professionalism. Sam, currently has a career of $99,000,000 sold and an additional $28,000,000 pending. In total, 425 houses are closed/pending.

There is proof in the wisdom. There is proof in the hard work and friendly professionalism. And when needed, there is definitely proof in the numbers.

If you are looking for a home or just want to connect with a trusted professional, you can reach Trent at: [email protected] or his cell phone 231-388-0770