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These Creative Hip Hop Stars Dada Harsh & Axe Are Taking UK Music To The Next Level

Looking for stylized rhythmic music with a powerful voice and having the capacity of leaving you “trendy” and fashionable? Try Hip Hop music created with Dada Harsh and Axe. Dada is an artist originally from Jamaica but moved to the UK at an early stage. He is the eldest of the two brothers who dropped a cinematic style visual for their single ‘City.’

The Come Up

Dada made his first attempt at the music before influencing his younger brother. The aim was for his brother to join him so that together they could collaborate on some projects. Dada’s brother had a natural talent for writing bars paired with his melodic style. The duo partnered and decided to be serious with music. The new partnership was based in South London, but they have connections all over London. They chose Hip Hop as the genre of their music.

Dropping The “City” Bombshell

Dada and his brother released their new single dubbed “City.” Eric Myers and Mr. Chinsman shot the video for City at Mediaworx. The idea behind their song was that it was a signal for their arrival onto the music scene. It was an official announcement they were coming to take over.


Dada and Axe have encountered many challenges in their pilgrimage to greatness. However, the fact that music has the power to change people has kept them motivated. They aim to reach and transform many people through his music. The idea that they can create a song that wasn’t there previously that causes people to feel well is satisfactory. What even seals Dada’s and Axe’s joy is when a video for the song further adds to their creative process.


The 3 Ps stand for patience, persistence, and passion. These three aspects have been the great pillars for the duo’s  meteoric rise in the industry. They are always patient and optimistic that the future holds tremendous and better things. Additionally, their persistence in the industry is something startups can borrow. Whatever the obstacles are, you should always keep moving. Their passion for Hip Hop music is unequaled.


Dada and Axe are the epitome of hope to the young generation and upcoming artists in the industry. Therefore,  if you want to start in the Hip Hop genre and are wondering where to begin from, you can connect to these visionary artists here or here.