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Dr Max, founder of TheDonRx

TheDonRx founder Dr Max talks about providing value pharmaceuticals and charity work

Dr Max is the founder and president of TheDonRx, and he manages 6 physical pharmacy locations across south-east Asia. With over 20 years of experience in the retail pharmacy field, Dr Max has also worked as an osteopathic doctor in Germany as well as advising WHO (World Health Organisation) on issue of nutrition, with a specific focus on preventing malnutrition in poor communities through the local cultivation and harvesting of low-cost food.

Dr Max was generous enough to answer some questions about his experiences.

What made you start a career in pharmaceutical medicine?

Growing up, I saw firsthand how powerful medicine can be, especially for pooper people who may have never previously had access to a treatment that you take for granted. For someone living in an impoverished community, something as simple to us as an anti-inflammatory balm can seem like a miracle product – it’s all about perspective. My goal from the beginning had been to help more people access better medicine and treatments, which is why I founded TheDonRx.

After 15 years in the online pharmacy business, what have you learnt?

That no matter what year it is or what’s happening in the world, customers expect the same level of excellence from your service as you have always provided. If you can’t keep up with what customers demand and expect, you can’t do business for very long.

This explains our transition away from a dedicated website ( towards a more direct mail-order approach. This has allowed us to reduce overheads (no server hosting or SEO costs) and then pass these savings onto our customers.

This is why we have managed to remain one of the most affordable choices for bulk shipping of medications around the world. Our whole operation is about making bulk shipping easy and affordable.

How are you recruiting new employees and optimising packaging methods?

We have hired more employees and improved our boxed packaging so that we can fulfil orders faster and with much less safety concerns. Customer don’t need to worry about merchandise being damaged or contaminated in any way.’

Our recruitment of new packaging staff from both Hong Kong and the Philippines has allowed us the ability to ship up the 3000 of tab-s (the largest size) so that we have deliver our good more efficiently.

Can you tell us more about your charity work?

My charity work over the years has been focused fighting malnutrition in impoverished communities through the creation and farming of low-cost food crops. These crops allow everyone in the community to get adequate nutrition from a basic staple they can mass produce so that starvation is never a problem for them ever again.

When people in a community can safely guarantee their basic needs through strategies like this, it gives them more time to experiment, educate and innovate. Communities can begin to thrive and grow when they are able to ensure nobody malnourished or suffering from the effects of starvation.

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