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The Worlds First Crypto-Funded Film Has Set The Tone For A New Renaissance

If there was ever a situation that showcased the trajectory we’re currently steered toward – it’s undoubtedly the tale of Pascal Boyart, 200 NFTs, an abandoned gold foundry, and a crypto-funded documentary coming together. Not only is it a great story of creativity and community – under the surface, but the whole tale is also an ode to the decentralization and bandying together of incredible minds and creative communities around the world.

It is one large celebration of how far we’ve come, and where the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs are headed.

The documentary entitled ‘The Underground Sistine Chapel’ follows a cast of over 400 creatives that tell the story of reworking an old foundry that was slated for demolition into a modern paradise of creative fruitful endeavors, cultural moments, beautiful works of art, and to serve as a meeting point for those who have creative aspirations – it was dubbed to be the underground Sistine Chapel.

Documentaire 2021 - The Underground Sistine Chapel - Bande-annonce

Pascal Boyart

At the heart of the film is Pascal Boyart (aka PBOY), an infamous street artist and Crypto aficionado who is no stranger to utilising de-centralized platforms and out-the-box thinking to achieve some pretty impressive feats. Thanks to his innovative monetary-backing tactics, Pboy was able to finagle the amount needed to get his passion project off the ground. His aim was to create a safe haven for artists and creatives everywhere.

Always the envelope pusher, Pboy was known for being the first street artist to utilise the growing Crypto trend by adding a unique QR code to his artworks that were plastered around. Through this, he was able to garner some supporters and donations without the middlemen or outside influences taking a slice of the profits.

Pascal’s works are anything but ordinary – his street art antics have been likened to that of Banksy – notably due to his on-the-nose and focus on social inequalities and injustices in his various artworks. His dedication to the disenfranchised is what sparked his journey to reworking the abandoned foundry.

NFTs, Crypto, & A Documentary

The documentary is helmed by young directors Yohann Grignou and Antoine Breuili and produced by the Paris-based production company Samourai Coop. Interestingly the production company is the first of its kind, being a completely de-centralized film production company that aims to disrupt the current machinations of film production.

By cutting out the middlemen and conglomerate controls that are everywhere in the current system, The Underground Sistine Chapel will be a beacon of hope for those who wish to see art be made freely available to all – with the hopes of gaining support and funding from those who truly support them and wish to see the artists be compensated.

As such, there were 200 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) created from the documentary that are being sold with the profits aiming to give all involved with the documentary a little lifeline of support. If there is one lesson to take away from The Underground Sistine Chapel, it’s that there is a new renaissance upon us.

The artistic and creatives are pushing back against an oppressive and outdated method of creation – thanks to a de-centralized mindset, cryptocurrencies and NFTs – the sun is certainly on the rise.