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The Success Story Behind Matthieu Miguel, the Music Producer and Songwriter Behind Daily Squad

Matthieu Miguel is a French music producer and songwriter who has got a lot of attention after his latest track “Upside Down”. Matthieu is the music producer of Daily Squad and has single-handedly scaled up the project within a few months. He is a fresh musician with a refined sense of music and a strong passion to create music that touches human emotion. This has helped him connect with his fans at a deeper level through his music. 

Daily Squad is the ambitious project of Matthieu Miguel. So far, he has released five tracks under this project, the latest being “Upside Down”. This track was released in May 2021 with the label “Dripping in Roses” based in Los Angeles. Within a few weeks of its release, the track has managed to get more than 2000 hits on the official Spotify account of Daily Squad. 

Daily Squad reveals that the success of “Upside Down” is due to the heart-touching lyrics along with the unconventional music that mesmerizes the audiences. The song connects with the audience on a personal level.

Matthieu Miguel is optimistic about the growing popularity of his latest song. He believes that “Upside Down” will be a milestone for Daily Squad taking the project to a whole new level. 

Matthieu launched Daily Squad in September 2020 with his debut single, “Make It Back”. The song was so well-received that he got an opportunity to sign with Simplify Records, an independent label. After releasing “Make It Back”, there was no looking back for Daily Squad. After almost a month, Daily Squad released its next track. It was a remix of “Your Touch”. This remix exemplified Matthieu’s refined sense of composition and his passion for music. 

Matthieu welcomed the year 2021 with his self-released single, “Nothing Left”. The track got an overwhelming response from the audience which prompted him to release a new track. “Brave” was released in April 2021 under the label Jupita Music. All the songs of Daily Squad have garnered many positive reviews from the audience so far. This amazing response for a newcomer in the industry has inspired Matthieu Miguel to create more. 

Matthieu Miguel aims to take his project Daily Squad to new heights in the coming years. He wants to continue the legacy of hits and present something new and exciting to his audience every time. Miguel is working harder to improve his skills and reach more people. His only aim is to entertain his audiences with fresh and creative music that they can feel connected to. This has helped Daily Squad stand apart from the crowd.  

Matthieu wants Daily Squad to perform at live events. This will be another achievement for the project. Currently, he is looking for some exciting gigs to ease into live shows. With this move, he wants to take his vision to the next level. Matthieu Miguel wants to keep delivering exciting tracks for his fans and hopes to establish himself in the music industry in the coming years. You can follow Daily Squad on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for updates on the latest tracks and other announcements.