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The Simply Iconic Implant System: The Future of Dental Implants

The dental industry is witnessing a revolution with Envista Holdings Corporation’s Implant Direct operating company launching the Simply Iconic implant system. This groundbreaking product has been brought to market by Implant Direct. Benny Fernandez, a business executive at Envista who has been a top revenue producer for the company since joining in 2021, is deploying the resources. 

Envista, a global family of over 30 trusted dental brands, is committed to partnering with dental professionals to improve lives through innovative products, solutions, and technology. The company’s strong focus on enhancing dental clinics’ profitability and offering robust continuing education curricula for dentists is evident in the Simply Iconic implant system.

As the driving force behind the product’s launch, Fernandez is leveraging his experience from his previous roles at Kerr Endodontics and the Rotary Medical Device and Dental Consumable Portfolios, another division at Envista. This innovative implant system is designed to offer significant value in surgical and digital workflows, with early user feedback praising its surgical versatility and value price point.

The Simply Iconic Implant System is an all-American product manufactured in Thousand Oaks, CA. It has been designed for optimal primary stability and aesthetics, catering to implantologists, periodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and highly-placed general dentists. The Conical Hex implant system facilitates efficient management of prosthetic components in dental clinics.

Some of the key features of the Simply Iconic implant system include:

  • An expansive range of implant diameters with two prosthetic platforms for surgical versatility and restorative ease.
  • Single interface to treat a significant portion of cases with wider emergence profiles when needed.
  • Restorative components are optimized for esthetic areas and designed for subcrestal placement with reduced hard tissue manipulation.

The implants boast a 12° conical hex connection/interface, a straight or tapered implant body design, a color-coded platform shift, coronal micro-threads, SBM™ blasted surface, and progressively deeper buttress threads for increased BIC, which is beneficial for primary stability in low-density bone. These features enable equi- or subcrestal placement for surgical adaptability.

The packaging supports both one-stage and two-stage surgeries and includes a color-coded cover screw and a 5mm concave-profile healing collar for surgical efficiency.

Implant Direct and Fernandez are on a mission to make Simply Iconic the #1 dental implant in the world. With an all-hands-on-deck approach, they aim to demonstrate to dentists that this implant system will deliver optimal results for their patients.

Are you a dental professional interested in discovering the Simply Iconic Implant System’s benefits? Get in touch with one of their dental sales representatives today to find out more about this incredible innovation. Call 1 888-649-6425 for their helpful customer service.

Visit their e-commerce website or reach out via Instagram to learn more about the Simply Iconic Implant System and how it can transform your practice.