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The Secret Behind Why Companies Prefer Digital Marketing

Gone are the days when we are limited to buying something from local stores only in our vicinity. But, with the current marketing strategy, it has been evident that we can get something miles from our location and get it delivered to us. How do we find these products online in the first place? To make it brief, we all can see these products and goods due to digital marketing. In this article, I am not trying to lecture you on what digital marketing means, but on why companies are changing to digital marketing. But before that, I would like to diverge to what digital means. So, what do you understand about digital marketing? Merely looking at the word “digital marketing” it is composed of two words which are; ”digital” and ”marketing’.’ As we all know, marketing is an act of awareness with its primary aim directed at promoting goods, products, and services to generate more sales. Looking at the word, digital means anything non-physical, i.e. virtual. e.g., anything you can see online on the internet. Therefore, combining both today, digital marketing is the use of the internet to promote goods, services, and products to generate more sales. Now to the topic of the day; why are companies using digital marketing? Below are the main ones you should take note of;

Specific Audience Targeting

With digital marketing, companies can use detailed information to reach a specific audience on factors like (age, gender, behaviors, interest, education, etc.) for the products they are willing to promote. This product must solve the problems these audiences face. A typical example is the use of diapers for babies. In this example, the product being promoted is ”diapers” and the information is mostly of use to nursing mothers and not to drivers. In addition, companies can in like manner re-target potential customers who have at some point had transactions with the company in the past.

Cost Effective

The opposite of digital marketing is traditional marketing. The traditional form of marketing is seen to be more costly than digital marketing, whether through radio broadcasts, TV, magazine, newspaper, etc. Nowadays, many entrepreneurs are familiar with digital marketing as most of these digital means are free and more effective compared to traditional marketing. e.g., email marketing, content marketing, video marketing on YouTube and social media, etc.

Build Brand Image

In the olden days, it might take a lot of stress to inquire about the goods and products you want to get, especially because you might have to visit the store or company yourself. However, nowadays, with digital marketing, companies, and business owners receive messages and give reply almost immediately to their customers, which in turn help them keep a particular voice and helps them build their brand image.

Low Budget to High ROI

Research has shown that digital marketing is 75% more affordable and efficient than traditional marketing. That is, companies that promote through social media, use paid ads and other digital methods end up spending less when compared to traditional marketing. This is because many companies use pay-per-click, which goes a long way to minimize expenses and reach a larger audience. Therefore, digital marketing shows to be more efficient and affordable.

Connecting Mobile Clients

There are more than 13 billion mobile phones all over the world, with the number increasing every day. With all these mobile phones having internet access, it is easier for companies to reach potential customers anywhere than ever before.

Measure And Analyze

One major benefit of digital marketing is the tendency for companies to measure how their brand is doing by using analytical tools and statistics to check how far people have visited their page due to the advertisement they ran.


I hope I have been able to inform you and educate you on the reasons most companies prefer digital marketing.

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