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The Reign of Menstrual Innovation: How a New Pad is Changing the Game

Women’s health is a vital and often overlooked aspect of overall health and wellness. From reproductive health to menstrual cycles, women face unique challenges and obstacles that can significantly impact their quality of life. 

For years sanitary napkins have been a staple for many women during their menstrual cycles, providing a reliable and convenient solution for managing menstrual flow. However, the options available for women have been limited, with only a few top brands offering similar products that may only meet some of a woman’s needs. 

Some women may experience discomfort or leakage with traditional menstrual pads, while others may look for more eco-friendly options. Despite the importance of menstrual pads in women’s daily lives, there is a clear need for better and more innovative solutions. This is exactly what Demond and Qiana Crump set out to accomplish with the creation of Reign Sanitary Napkins.

The company’s mission is to create products and opportunities that empower individuals to radiate confidence from within. Reign sanitary napkins are suitable for women of any age, background, or lifestyle and are designed to improve their overall quality of life. The company’s research and development team focuses on creating multi-functional products that offer exceptional results. So what makes Reign different from the rest?

Reign pads are made with Graphene, a Nobel Prize Winning material that offers various health benefits such as promoting cell activity and improving micro-circulation. It may also support a healthy metabolism and inhibit harmful bacteria growth, allowing for greater comfort and dryness. Reign is available in five different absorbency levels: Ultra Thin Panty Liner, Very Light Panty Liner with wings, Moderate, Heavy, and Super Heavy Overnight Flow.

Reign pads are the pinnacle of protection and comfort in menstrual care. They have a total of eight layers, each serving a specific purpose to ensure optimal performance. The first is a 3-dimensional layer that provides extra coverage and protects from unwanted leakage, with the second layer being a leak guard side to enhance this protection. The third layer is an ultra-soft cotton top layer that offers a comfortable and soothing experience.

The fourth layer features an innovative design with a Graphene-infused strip that gives the pad added strength and durability. The fifth layer is an air-laid design that offers extra protection against leakage, ensuring you can confidently go about your day. The sixth layer is a safe, super absorbent polymer that can absorb up to 10 times more menstrual flow than traditional sanitary napkins, giving you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about frequent changes.

The seventh layer is an additional layer of air-laid reinforcement against moisture, ensuring that your pad stays dry and comfortable. Finally, the eighth layer is a micro-perforated bottom layer that offers air dispersion to keep the area cool and dry, preventing discomfort or irritation. With Reign pads, you can trust that you are getting the best possible protection and comfort for your menstrual needs.

In addition to offering superior sanitary napkin products, Reign Sanitary Napkins is also dedicated to raising awareness about menstrual health and the challenges women and girls face during their monthly cycles. Their Justice for My Jewel campaign aims to inform and educate people globally about the pain, heavy bleeding, unhealthy menstrual cycles, and potential toxicity of tampon use that many women and teens suffer in silence. 

The campaign’s goal is to bring light to the taboo subject of female cycles that has silenced women and girls from all cultures for many years and to educate women about the importance of keeping a healthy cycle by encouraging healthy habits such as getting active, eating healthily, and making healthy product choices.

With its revolutionary line of graphene-infused products and its dedication to raising awareness and empowering women through the Justice for My Jewel campaign, Reign Sanitary Napkins is providing a reliable and innovative solution for menstrual care while working to create a brighter future for women and girls everywhere. To learn more about Justice for My Jewel or to find the perfect Reign product for your needs, visit and Instagram @reignpads.