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The Property Advocates Discusses Protecting Your Property and Building a Legacy

Unfortunately, many people in South Florida know that emergencies can happen at any time, especially as the fall arrives.

Every September is observed as National Preparedness Month, which is pertinent to South Florida residents who often have to deal with disasters such as hurricanes at this time of year.

The Property Advocates, a Florida-based insurance law firm that offers a range of personalized legal services specializing in property insurance claims, explains that this year’s theme for National Preparedness Month is “A Lasting Legacy.” As explains:

“The life you’ve built is worth protecting. Prepare for disasters to create a lasting legacy for you and your family.”

The Property Advocates team works hard every day to represent the interests of their clients who are seeking to obtain the funding they are due through their various insurance plans. Just as people purchase insurance products to protect their assets, they should prepare for disasters and emergencies as much as they can.

Below is some more information about this year’s National Preparedness Month.

A New Approach for FEMA

Last year, the Ready Campaign and Ad Council of FEMA produced their first campaign that was targeted specifically at the Latino community. It was launched during Hispanic Heritage Month and included ads centered on the commitment of the Latino community to planning for family and special occasions as an example of how they could also prepare for emergencies.

This year, FEMA is continuing that special focus for National Preparedness Month with a call to action to underserved communities. The ads aim to provide people in these communities with the information and tips they need to prepare properly for emergencies.

Why Preparedness is Important

Emergency preparedness is especially important for people who live in vulnerable communities such as South Florida, as The Property Advocates explains.

According to a study conducted last summer by the University of South Florida, more than 81% of Floridians said their household would be either somewhat or severely affected by a category 3 hurricane or higher. More than three-fourths of respondents to the survey also believed they were either somewhat or very prepared for the upcoming hurricane season.

Despite this, more than half of the respondents reported that they didn’t have some of the recommended preparedness items, such as a stocked emergency kit or a NOAA weather radio.

FEMA and are hoping to change the fact that most households don’t have an emergency preparedness plan, which is why the 2022 theme of National Preparedness Month focuses on building “A Lasting Legacy” for families everywhere.

Disaster Can Strike at Any Time

The Property Advocates understands first-hand through its work with South Florida clients that disasters can strike anytime and anywhere. The better prepared someone can be for a disaster, the better off they’ll be after the disaster strikes.

While there’s little that one can do to prevent certain disasters from happening, there’s always something that one can do to make sure they are prepared to recover not long after it hits.

About The Property Advocates

The Property Advocates, P.A. is a full-service Florida insurance law firm specializing in property insurance claims. With offices in Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, The Property Advocates team consists of nearly 25 experienced attorneys with decades of combined experience who are compassionate, knowledgeable, and not afraid to go to trial for their clients. They have a successful track record of resolving complicated property insurance claims and getting their clients the fair compensation they deserve.