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The Pioneering Watercolor Tattoos of Daniel Natural

When you think of tattoos, rigid lines and defined contours might come to mind. But Daniel Natural, a Minneapolis area tattoo artist, is challenging these conventions with his freestyle watercolor tattoos. A master of traditional fine art and watercolor paintings, He has transformed this aesthetic into a distinctive tattoo style.

daniel natural

Daniel’s Artistic Voyage

Starting with canvases and watercolor paper, He found his true calling on a more dynamic canvas: human skin. People approach him for tattoos ranging from playful designs to deeply personal sentiments. Irrespective of the brief, Daniel handles every project as a commissioned piece of fine art. The only contrast is the permanency and personal connection of a tattoo. As art defines Daniel’s life, he ensures that every tattoo embodies the client’s vision.

The Allure of Watercolor Tattoos

What distinguishes Daniel’s approach is his free expression through watercolor tattoos. Unlike traditional tattoos with fixed boundaries, watercolor tattoos emulate the fluidity and spontaneity of watercolor paintings. Daniel lets the colors meander, producing tattoos that aren’t just designs but statements of free-willed art. He deviates from the traditional style of thick black lines to construct a sketch style that captures the effect of vibrant colors flowing freely throughout the tattoo. As a result, the tattoo develops a dreamlike flow of the watercolor cascading seamlessly from the design. This is why he is considered one of the best watercolor tattoo artists in the industry. His unique method ensures the vibrancy of these tattoos for years, making his work a sought-after treasure.

Tattoos of Daniel Natural

Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio: Beyond Tattoos

Situated in Bloomington, Minnesota, the Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio isn’t just about tattoos. Founded by Daniel Natural, this studio emanated from his art studio in New York City. With a vast collection of artworks, the studio has been the cornerstone of many tattoo enthusiasts’ journeys.

At Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio, customization reigns supreme. There’s no reliance on standard templates or designs. Every client is encouraged to bring their unique ideas, which the skilled artists then bring to life. The studio boasts of a professional and sterile environment, ensuring client safety. Its proximity to the Mall of America and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport makes it easily accessible.

The studio’s ambiance is accentuated by fine artworks, including pieces by the renowned artist Ylli Haruni, a close associate of Daniel.

To witness the remarkable watercolor tattoos and other styles available at Ocean Blue Tattoo & Art Studio, visit Daniel Natural’s Instagram. If you’re ready to embark on your tattoo journey or have more questions, the team at Ocean Blue Tattoo is just a click away.