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The Perfect Background For Investing in Real Estate Doesn’t Exist: How Justin Giles Helps People From All Walks of Life Make Money in Real Estate

Real estate investing has changed countless lives across the globe. From burnt-out employees looking to replace their salary to parents hoping for a comfortable retirement after sending their kids to college, property investing provides a chance for people to transform their lives. 

Still, some people think that making good money in real estate is only reserved for a select few people who come from a particular background. But Justin Giles of Real Estate Gurus has made it his mission to debunk this mindset. 

With a diverse pool of mentees ranging from people who are barely making ends meet to elite Olympic athletes, Giles has helped paint some of the most colorful success stories in real estate. 

He mentored Olympic track medalist Brittney Reese and WNBA player Matee Ajavon. While these top-notch athletes make waves for their athletic abilities, they’re also making a killing renovating and selling properties that Giles has found for them.

Another mentee who stands out to Giles used to play point guard for the University of Texas at Austin, Demarco Bryant. “He was 19 when he came to Real Estate Gurus,” recalls Giles. “He used his last five grand to join one of my programs. Come his junior year, the guy had made $100,000 in real estate. Using all my strategies and connections, he renovated properties without having to see them once. And when this person graduated from college, he just continued doing real estate. He never worked for anybody and became a millionaire at 23.”

Right alongside these athletes in Giles’s list of mentees are employees who used to work for companies like GE and Coke, a truck driver, and single mothers. People from all walks of life. The perfect background for real estate investing doesn’t exist in Justin Giles’s book. But what does exist is a strategy that he’s painstakingly built through his years in real estate. Coincidentally, those years included the infamous 2008, when the housing bubble burst and Americans lost trillions of dollars. 

“With my back up against the wall, my debt at an all-time high, and with no other means to put money on the table, I had no choice but to come up with property investing strategies to make money in the worst of markets,” says Giles.

Some of the strategies he developed at the time allowed him to make money where others took losses. These strategies allowed Giles to deliver high profit margins that took him out of financial distress. Now, his mentees get to enjoy the same strategies & methods Giles spent  almost 20 years building. “So, when people hire me as their mentor, I give them access to all my contacts,” says Giles. “And when I say contacts, I mean a team of people to help you assess, renovate, and even finance your deals. Anything you need, I already have. You just have to find a property you like, and we’ll plug it into my system. My contractors will renovate, my realtors will sell, and then the system will spit out the cash for you.”

Justin Giles admits most of his mentees started out skeptical about this plug-and-play system. And yet, the 500+ mentees who put their trust in a man who’s been through the worst of markets and came out winning now have wins of their own to share.