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The Conference 2022 will be held in Miami this year, says Paper Boyz co-founders, JetSet, JoeySendz & TheBlondeJon

Mark your calendars now because: This year, neuromarketing tycoon, Internet entrepreneur, public speaker, and co-founder of Paper Boyz by, NFTMag Conference, will be returning to South Florida. The Junior Punks creators, Joey Sendz and TheBlondeJon, are bringing an impressive roster of celebrities, influencers, and NFT industry professionals to Miami, Florida, this winter for a series of lectures and panel discussions.

With his recent success, JetSet aka JetSetFly has become the world’s leading chatbot automation marketing expert. More than 14,000 customers and $20 million in total online sales have been amassed by JetSet’s Instagram DM automation service since it was first launched three years ago, when no one else had the technology.

Additionally, Josh King Madrid oversees the news media company, which has a staff of over 40 people. At 3x NFT collections in 2021, JetSetFly was estimated to have brought $10 million in revenue and over 100,000 leads to marketing operations.

PaperBoyz by, a 3,650-strong collection of NFTs that deliver the latest scoop from NFT Magazine, was co-founded by JetSetFly this year. A badass alpha community, NFT education, the most recent news, and much more are all included in the Paper Boyz membership for all members.

Unlike most projects, Paper Boyz NFT has a well-known artist on board. A 16-year veteran of the mobile app industry, Edgar Vehbiu has worked with hundreds of brands, including Sony, SalesForce, and Drata, all of which have been valued at more than $1 billion.

With an estimated 3,600 attendees, Paper Boyz’s 2022 NFTMag Conference will be one of the largest NFT business conferences in the world, roughly the same size as Grant Cardone’s 2022 10X Growth Con in Miami. The weekend event is expected to generate around $1 million in revenue for the Miami area, which will please local business owners and sponsors.

A limited number of tickets, priced at $2,450 each, will be made available to Paper Boyz NFT holders in the fall of this year on the official conference website of NFTMagCon.