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The New Age Club Penguin: Pudgy Penguins

Over the last few years, we have witnessed a dramatic evolution in the blockchain and NFT spaces. Through this evolution, there has been a rise in exclusive networks and social clubs. You can join one of these exclusive networks and social clubs thanks to NFTs’ unique ownership features and the tokenization of the diverse digital assets that include any form of art in the metaverse. These exclusive social clubs offer numerous benefits, including direct access to purchase an NFT. This incomparable convenience, benefit, and security have engineered a rise in the number of NFT social clubs, with Pudgy Penguins coming out as the new-age Club Penguin.

Pudgy Penguins is a revolutionary non-fungible token (NFT) collection that has taken the Web3 space by storm. Since its inception in 2021, it has captured the attention of renowned celebrities such as Stephen Curry, Tory Lanez, and Lil Baby, amassing over 60,000 ETH in transaction volume within its first 12 months. This impressive feat is a testament to the unique allure and fun-loving nature of Pudgy Penguins, which sets it apart as one of the top NFT collections in the entire Web3 space. 

One of the things that makes Pudgy Penguins so special is its connection to the beloved online multiplayer game, Club Penguin. Like Club Penguin, Pudgy Penguins is set in a winter-themed virtual world and has a strong emphasis on community and positivity. In fact, the Pudgy Penguins collection has begun to fill the gap left by the shutdown of Club Penguin, which was led by Disney in 2017. This gives Pudgy Penguins a special appeal for fans of Club Penguin who are looking for a similar experience in the Web3 space. 

In addition to its fun-loving and community-focused narrative, Pudgy Penguins is also dedicated to giving back. Recently, the collection held an auction with Sotheby’s, and a significant portion of the proceeds were allocated to the establishment of “The Cozy Horizon Fund.” This fund is designed to support community-focused initiatives for Pudgy Penguins NFT holders and promote positivity throughout the Web3 space. 

However Pudgy Penguins’ efforts to give back don’t stop there. The remaining cash from the auction will also be donated to Oceanites, a nonprofit organization that conducts scientific research on penguin populations in Antarctica and works to promote their conservation. This partnership with Oceanites is a perfect fit for Pudgy Penguins, as it aligns with the collection’s winter-themed virtual world and focuses on community involvement. 

In conclusion, Pudgy Penguins is a revolutionary NFT collection that stands out as one of the top NFT collections in the Web3 space. Its fun-loving and unique allure, connection to the beloved game Club Penguin, and dedication to giving back make it a special and memorable collection for its holders. Whether you are a fan of Club Penguin, an NFT collector, or just someone who loves penguins, Pudgy Penguins is a collection that is sure to capture your heart.