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The name you haven’t heard about, but you will soon… OuterSpaceAce

OuterSpaceAce, Jace Herrera (born September 17, 1994, Boise, Idaho, U.S.), is an American hip-hop artist who became known for his trendy, catchy, uplifting music in 2020. Growing up he would often accompany his older sister who was a singer, when she was at the recording studio.

He loved watching the creation of music and he knew he wanted to be an artist himself from a very young age. Before starting to rap though, he started by engineering his sisters music. That gave him a different, more direct approach when he was ready to make music of his own.

OuterSpaceAce, Jace Herrera

He knew what he wanted his music to sound like and he knew how to accommodate the engineering to achieve that sound. Unlike most rappers who only write their lyrics to a beat, he writes his own lyrics, produces the beat of the song, and engineers all of his own music.

His musical tone is soft and can adapt to most if not all music genres. Currently, OuterSpaceAce has two mixtapes, released on all major platforms (PLANET OF THE ACE, and End Times) under his own independent music label OuterSpaceSquad. He quickly gained the attention in his city and throughout the world with his viral song “Quarantine & Chill” released April of 2020.

OuterSpaceAce - Quarantine & Chill (Official Music Video)

Given the seriousness of the Corona Virus Pandemic he aimed to show how stressful being quarantined for so long can be and what it can do to us. The song sheds light on the global pandemic we are undergoing today but with more of a futuristic, positive feeling to it. OuterSpaceAce has worked with major music industry artists such as Larry June and Glasses Malone. Helping his vision come to life is MaskVision, a video production company based out of Boise Idaho.

MaskVision captures the subject he is shooting and knows how to bring the music video to life with organic effects and unique angles. Teaming up with OuterSpaceace he has executed with perfection the mood of each body of work. MaskVision has shot a majority of OuterSpaceAce’s music videos and is know as the go-to-guy for video production in the Boise area.

Unique in its own way OuterSpaceAce’s music is definitely worth a listen as you will not be disappointed!