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The Manzella Effect: Dr. John Manzella is an Entrepreneur and Physician Extraordinaire

Entrepreneurs who enter the medical field tackle it quite differently than your usual doctor. This is the case with Dr. John Manzella. His entrepreneurial spirit pushed him to become the Medical Director and Practice Manager of LV instead of just being a regular doctor. 

Dr. John Manzella also offers health advice with his regularly updated healthcare blog. As an experienced clinician and businessman, Dr. Manzella wishes to approach medicine in a way that’s more affordable to Americans everywhere.

A Dependable Coordinator of Physician Services

Dr. John Manzella‘s entrepreneurial approach to medicine caters to patients in ways that conventional medicine couldn’t. You can work with him through LV in order to make those house calls for whatever ails you.

  • Medical Director for Online House Calls: As a medical director, Dr. Manzella coordinates and organizes physician services for his clientele the same way a hospital does but this time in a house call fashion as established by his Company. This way, the doctor goes to you instead of the other way around.
  • Quality House Call Patient Care: Thanks to his vanguard business venture in delivering doctors to patients in a house call format in the Internet age, he’s able to coordinate the right physician services to you provided by the professionals on or Toper Medical.
  • Gain Important Healthcare Knowledge: You can also visit Dr. John’s personal blog to look up information on healthcare. The difference between his blog and medical repositories like the Mayo Clinic is that Dr. Manzella writes for his audience of patients in need of unconventional solutions to not being able to make hospital appointments.
  • Learn How the Body Works and What to Watch Out for: Get timely info on medical current events like COVID-19 and vaccination. You can also follow tips on general health such as proper dieting, mercury content in the American fish supply, eating just right, and which preservative-injected foods are bad for you. 
  • He also Fulfills the Role of Educator and Informant: Dr. Manzella is also here to provide pertinent medical information to assist his consumer base of patients as well as coordinate them with the proper channels of his house call web service full of practitioners and staff.
  • Ensuring a High Degree of Medical Care Across the Board: As Medical Director, Dr. John is also responsible for ensuring that the patient to doctor liaison process goes smoothly and the medical care quality afforded by LV remains at a high degree in quality.
  • Topnotch Quality of Care Ensured: Unless you’re facing a major emergency that requires emergency numbers and an ambulance ride, you should get proper quality care offered by Dr. Manzella’s LV It’s under his watch that safety and quality initiatives are met by cooperating doctors and nurses.

Roles, Functions, and Tasks of a House Call Medical Director like Dr. Manzella

As LV Medical Director, Dr. John Manzella ensures that you can get touch with him or his hotline ASAP for immediate house call healthcare appointments at your leisure instead of the standard clinic appointment at the doctor’s leisure.

  • Physician Liaison and Billing Specialist for Topper Medical: The LV online format of doing house calls for patients works in line with Dr. Manzella’s current job at Topper Medical as billing specialist and physician liaison. He’ll connect you to the right medical physician or specialist depending on your diagnosis.
  • An Online Referral Facility: The whole point of LV is to serve as an online referral service so that you can network with not one doctor or not one hospital but the whole network of them with Dr. John serving as your dependable liaison to all of them.
  • An Authority on Healthcare and Medical Liaison: Dr. John is himself a highly respected authority in the medical liaison field. You can use the knowledge he imparts on his house call liaison business and his healthcare blog in order for you to make informed decisions on your healthcare or to communicate better with your own physician.
  • Patient Care and Clinical Leadership: Aside from fulfilling his responsibilities for the overall care and clinical practice of multiple referred doctors and specialists working with him, the Medical Director also takes care of the doctor-to-patient relationships under his watch as a clinical leadership figure.
  • The Dr. Manzella Blog and Its Archives: Not every healthcare issue is a healthcare scare or an emergency. For minor quibbles or symptoms of early-stage conditions, you can refer to the Dr. Manzella blog for more details. If you want to widen your horizons in terms of casual medicinal knowledge, this blog can indulge you in that regard.
  • Gather Advice Galore from Dr. Manzella Himself: Get tons of helpful health tips dealing with first aid, what to do in the event of an emergency, how to deal with minor accidents like cuts and bruises or burns, and so forth. You can also search for medications your medicine cabinet should absolutely have as well.
  • A Commitment to Deliver Quality Medical Care: Although house call doctors do have their limits and they’re tasked to refer to you to the nearest hospital or E.R. in case your condition is too much for them to handle, quite a lot of health issues and healthcare maintenance is solvable via LV
  • Dr. Manzella Thinks Out of The Box: Dr. John uses his influence and web presence in order to help apply administrative and clinical skills that guide the doctors on call at LV His liaison and communication expertise ensures proper coordination and medical resource allocation for patients on a per-need basis.

The Manzella Effect Explained

Dr. John Manzella thinks about your bottom line as a patient, which is your health. He also offers cost-effective medical advice and services as well as recommendations for emergency visits requiring hospitalization when worse comes to worst.

His staff and crew as well as the fellow colleagues he serves as liaison for at LV will be there to do all sorts of on-call physician services, diagnosis, testing, prescriptions, and so forth as required by the patient at the most affordable rates.