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The Man Behind The Pictures – William Vercetti

You may have seen his pictures around on social media before, or you may have seen his products on models before. William Vercetti (in the self portrait above) is a dedicated underwater photographer who has shot incredible looking pictures and aims to provide art in the form of digital images in aqua based landscapes.

William Vercetti identifies as LGBTQ+, and this is evident in his photos where he strives to be able to express his identity and sexuality while still capturing a beautiful shot that can make the viewer think.

He is based in Virginia Beach, VA and has been doing photography professionally for quite some time now. His personal portfolio is a range of people wearing “Black Lives Matter” merchandise, further demonstrating how his work is used for self-expression and identification.

Speaking of merchandise, Vercetti stocks his own brand of briefs for models to wear. The briefs come in multiple different colors and designs and are suited to anyone who wants to wear them.

They are priced reasonably and fit comfortably on the user and are a great choice for any queen out there!

Now, when looking at his portfolio (specifically those underwater), we can see that Vercetti clearly has an affinity for working with models, and is aiming to capture the beauty of the male body posed in an artistic lens, topped off by being underwater.

William Vercetti

His most recent shot portrays a model in a diving position and pose, much like you would be if you had just jumped into the water. The picture captures the rays of the sun reflecting through the surface of the water and off of the model’s back.

There is something quite and serene about the photo which can evoke a feeling of peace, calm and relaxation. It is this type of feeling that Vercetti is encompassing in his pictures and is a primary reason why underwater pictures work so well.

Overall, William Vercetti is a gifted photographer who has branched his artform into many different environments. His self-expression sand identity is clearly evoked in his work, and his portfolio is well worth a look.

You can get in touch with William Vercetti at or connect via: