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The journey and vision of Genesis Specialist Hospital

Genesis Specialist Hospital is a US style hospital based in Lagos, Nigeria which focuses on critical care units and complicated surgeries, especially neurological surgeries. Opened by Dr Roger Olade and his partners, it was created for a purpose and specifically for Nigeria and its people. Being indigenous to Nigeria himself, he wanted to do his part in building his home nation and creating a better community for his own people.

Dr Roger Olade was visiting Nigeria when he noticed that there was a lack of intensive care units available to the Nigerian people. Believing this was not right, he opened up Genesis Specialist Hospital which has an Intensive Care Unit and also provides surgeries. Roger Olade has brought together several partners within the medical industry to achieve this and created a stronger medical community as a result. The company was created to help fill a gap in the increased need for surgical centers with proper intensive care coverage. The vision of Roger Olade and of the Genesis Specialist Hospital involves several aspects. This includes altering the landscape of the healthcare community within Nigeria, by introducing different styles of hospitals and medical practices, as well as the methods that come with them. Their mission of course involves the provision of healthcare for the residents of Nigeria, and their values incorporate integrity, exceptionalism, confidentiality, quality and compassion.

As of its inception 5 years ago, Genesis Specialist Hospital has had over 4000 patients come and go and trust them with their health and use their services. Some of these services include an emergency room with an Intensive Care Unit, cardiology specialists, cancer treatments, neurology specialists, a surgical center specializing in complicated surgeries, preventive medicine and pulmonology specialists. It is easy to see that the Genesis Specialist Hospital offers the necessary treatments which would help to treat the majority of the population, as the treatments cover many common diseases and ailments. By being able to provide a US style hospital in Nigeria, they are paving the way for modernized treatments and leaps forward in the medical industry there. Not only are they helping the general population with health issues, but they are also providing a landmark for other hospitals and practices to open in their same style, which will lead to a healthier Nigeria.

Furthermore, modernized medical practices and hospitals will lead to further education opportunities for the residents of the area who wish to go into the medical field.

Having the Genesis Specialist Hospital means that students will be able to have educational opportunities for learning and training in the medical industry. This will lead to a more educated and trained population with a higher number of medical professionals available.

Overall, the journey of the Genesis Specialist Hospital has been 5 years of providing medical assistance for the Nigerian population in Lagos, and it is creating many more opportunities within the sector by providing modernized practices and hospitals.

This will lead to a higher rate of healthy individuals amongst the population, as well as an increase in educational opportunities and medical professionals as a result of this.

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