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The inspiring smile of chef and a traveller: Cristian Marino

Italian cuisine has always been known for its speciality in garlic, its olive oil, its tomatoes, its real weakness for the wine, and just for that uncanny way it had of defying the rules: the more you would eat, the healthier you will become. However, the real lesson Italian cuisine has taught the world is a very simple one: it is all about what you eat and the quality of the ingredients you use. Speaking of this, there’s a greater news everyone would want to hear from the Italian Chef ‘Cristian Marino’ who is going to launch his book soon.

Cristian Marino is widely known as the Italian legend who knows everything about Italian cooking and he’s an affirmed culinary consultant living between Dubai and Italy, as well as being author of Italian recipe books.

Chef Cristian Marino has also obtained and maintained ‘The Golden Q’ from Ospitalità Italiana for all the Italian restaurants he has worked for. He has also achieved the ‘Silver Plate’ after the visit from the representative of the Accademia Italiana Della Cucina in one of the restaurants Chef Cristian has worked for.

The chef started his journey as a chef working in the Silversea Cruise Ship through which he was able to discover more than 30 countries from Russia to Asia as a Chef de Parties. Then he joined Radisson Blu and InterContinental in Europe and worked as an Executive Chef in these hotels. After that, he went to work at Marriott International, East Java-Indonesia, to work as a Complex Executive Chef for two pre-opening hotels and finally now he has become the Italian Chef consultant for the global hospitality market.

Cristian explains his past 365 days spent during the pandemic in his upcoming book and the importance of maintaining a positive approach towards life

As we all know that Cristian Marino is going to launch his book soon. Therefore, it is better for all of us to know what will be included in the book.

Cristian worked hard during the pandemic and had travelled different countries too. Speaking of the situations he was left in during the pandemic should be shown to this whole world.

Along with his own combination of different recipes, you will wonder what this great Italian Chef is up to.

In the middle of the book, Cristian also describes the 12 recipes that he had cooked during the lockdown as you may have seen on his videos published last year on his social media channels.

The book also features his incident when he was held as a victim of human rights violations in Kuala Lumpur. He also posted a video on his Facebook after this terrible incident at the Malaysian airport.

Along with that, he has also covered his 20 years of experience gained across a range of highly successful restaurants, hotels and cruise ships including Marriott International, Radisson Hotel Group, Silversea Cruise Ship, InterContinental Group of Hotels, and Rotana Hotel Management.

The book will be available online by the end of March – 2021

Cristian recently announced great news to his audiences, sharing that they now have the option to pre-order his book, which will be available soon. Fans are thrilled, as one describes: “Good news. Before all this, I’d travel to Dubai and buy food and drinks books I thought were unlikely to be published for the US markets. Not this one. I knew this one would be coming.” Don’t worry, Cristian assures us that the book is worth the price.

And even more importantly, you will also get to know the secret behind Cristian Marino’s lemon and prawn risotto which you can find in the book.

One look at his online persona will make you believe that Chef Cristian Marino is having the time of his life. His Instagram and Facebook pages are filled with his pictures and delicious-looking platefuls of food, made from ingredients from across the country. Far removed from the world of the glitter lattes and sausages, Chef Cristian’s Facebook page is a haven for people harbouring a love for soulful food with authentic flavours. But the behind-the-scene reality of all this delicious-looking food and travel experience is a whole lot of chaos, endless trials and errors and, of course, an undying passion for everyday experimentation with food and flavours. This passion was inculcated in him, very early on in life when he used to learn at his parents’ restaurant which was present in Calabria.

Now, Cristian looks forward to sharing his life-experience with everyone in his upcoming book.

“I am aware that we have all faced difficult situations last year, but we have also learned a lot. Moreover, I am also convinced that my story will also motivate or at least give you the clue to look at things from a different perspectives and you will also have the chance to learn some of my culinary secrets too.’ – Chef Cristian Marino

As Cristian looks forward to introducing many new ideas this year, you should also tickle your tastebuds and inspire fresh cooking ideas by following Chef Cristian Marino on his IG ID @chefcristianmarino

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