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The Incredible Journey of Rap Duo SimpkinsTwins

With passion and determination, there is nothing impossible. All it takes is the initiative to take the first step. In pursuit of their dreams, the SimpkinsTwins are on a mission to leave no stone unturned while enjoying every step along the way.

The SimpkinsTwins are a rap duo dedicated to redefining the rap industry through their unique and fresh sounds. Even though they are just getting started, the pair has already set the bar high for fellow hip-hop artists. Consisting of twin brothers Addy and Blake, The SimpkinsTwins is certainly not your usual rap duo.

According to the duo, their love for music was instilled in them at a young age. Their mother enrolled them in violin classes at the age of six, and that’s where it all began. As they attended the classes, their love for music continued to blossom, and by age eight, they had composed their first-ever piece.

According to the twins, having a strong support system is the most important driving factor to achieving success. Growing up, the SimpkinsTwins were living in a small town in New Jersey. This posed a challenge for their musical journey as Hip-hop was practically non-existent in the area at the time. The duo recalls how they had to compel their mom to move to Montclair as it was closer to New York City.

After relocating, Addy and Blake channeled their energy into music, and in December 2018, they released their first EP, “Outta Space”. The EP consists of catchy melodies married to fresh sounds and energetic beats. It became a fan favorite within no time.

Music is the literature of the heart, at least that’s what some say, and there is no better way to express emotions than music. In making their music, the SimpkinsTwins want the music they create to be relatable and enjoyable to  their audience. Their raps convey the need for people to find a safe space to be vulnerable and face no judgment as they sing along and dance to their tunes.

Social media has had a significant impact on the music industry. For artists, it is a platform to market and showcase their talent. The SimpkinsTwins use their Instagram and Facebook to connect and interact with their fan base. This gives them insight into the lives and interests of their audience, making it easier to compose music that is relatable to them.

The secret to winning is creating something unique, new, and impactful – a new experience for people. As it stands, the Hip-hop industry is overflowing with talent. To penetrate the industry, SimpkinsTwins agrees it will take a lot of determination, resilience, and patience.

Just like in any other industry, music has its own challenges. The duo notes one challenge was juggling between music and studies. At some point, they even had to switch to online classes to maintain a balance between both.

Even as they continue to flourish, their musical journey is far from over. On March 28th of this year, the duo released their single “Never Stop,” which has so far garnered over 76,000 plays on Spotify.

Their future in music is bright. In their words, their journey in the music industry is just getting started. According to the duo, they have a lot of good music lined up for their audience, so stay tuned.