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The importance of using discounts when shopping online with Kayla Burk

Kayla Burk is the founder of Coupon with Kayla, an online site dedicated to providing customers with crucial information on new deals, special offers and freebies from a range of well-known outlets and retailers. Users can get in touch with Kayla to share their money-saving deals or bargains they know of or check out some of the latest deals on offer. Given the current economic climate from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, making savvy buying decisions has only grown in importance. Do you think your online shopping habits could do with a helping hand? Read on to get all the advice you could ever need.

Coupon with Kayla

As outlined earlier, Coupon with Kayla was started by Kayla Burk herself from Mount Vernon, Illinois. The premise of her website is simple – provide online shoppers with the best current discounts and sale deals from a wide range of retailers. Coupon with Kayla is not an online retailer – she doesn’t directly sell any products. Instead, her site is purely informative, outlining current sales, subtle discounts and excellent tips on how to improve your shopping savviness.

Kayla’s purpose

When Kayla started Coupon with Kayla, her motivation was to help other people to be able to shop like her. She noticed that a lot of retailers weren’t always upfront or clear about ongoing promotions, meaning many customers were paying full price for products eligible for discounts. By using her site, you’ll be able to shop like Kayla, and never have to pay the total cost for anything again!

Applicable stores

Kayla provides some awesome discount information for a range of US-based retailers. These stores include the following:

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Kroger
  • Staples
  • Walgreens
  • Dollar General
  • CVS

Top tips from Kayla

Kayla’s website is also full of great tips for online shoppers. This advice includes information like where to shop and at what time of the year, since many large retailers have seasonal sales and promotion periods (like the end of the financial year, holiday periods, etc.).

Likewise, if you have a valid Medicaid or EBT card, then you are eligible for a massive discount on Amazon Prime. While Amazon Prime usually costs $12.99 per month, your EBT card will make you eligible for membership at just $5.99 per month – which is more than 50% off.

Embracing online shopping in a COVID world

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has irrevocably changed the way the retail world operates. Online channels, contact-free delivery and social distancing have only grown in importance as millions across the world embrace mandatory mask-wearing, curfews, lockdowns and limits on public and social gatherings. If you want to do your bit in stopping the spread, limit your time in conventional retail settings, shop online and use Kayla’s discounts to save some cash.

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