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The Future of Marketing: VAIR LTD’s AI-powered Text-to-Speech and Translation Product

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has often been misunderstood as a technology that’s too complex for everyday use. However, as we enter a new era of digital transformation, AI is being used to solve previously unsolvable problems. One such challenge that businesses face is expanding into international markets, where language barriers pose a significant hurdle in communicating the value of their products or services. Meanwhile, small businesses struggle to produce high-quality marketing campaigns on a limited budget. Fortunately, Jason Lohman and his company, VAIR LTD, are revolutionizing the Text-To-Speech industry with their innovative use of AI and Machine Learning, offering an affordable solution that allows people to create voice content in any language with unparalleled accuracy, world-class sound, and video quality, all in under five minutes. In this article, we will explore how Jason Lohman and Voiceover Air are transforming the text-to-voice industry, making it more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Despite the novelty of AI and machine learning, Jason Lohman has been in the voice industry for 20 years working with giants such as Ali Baba, Uber, and Panasonic. After starting with only two employees, he grew the business to 50 within three years and had over 120 employees by the fifth year. At that time, their primary product was “On Hold Marketing,” but sensing a decline in the industry, he began researching ways to streamline voice production. During his exploration, he discovered “Text-To-Speech” and devised a plan to deliver near-instant voice using AI Voice technology. This approach proved to be a game-changer for the well established Audio Branding company, as businesses that were used to waiting 3-5 days and spending upwards of $800, could now create audio productions almost instantly at a fraction of the cost. While this innovation significantly impacted the On-Hold Marketing industry, Jason quickly found new applications for this technology.

Imagine being able to market your product in any language, without having to outsource talent or spend a fortune on translations. That’s the exact solution Jason AND his team created when VAIR LTD launched their innovative app. Now businesses have the ability to create quality social media ads in under five minutes for less than $2. With a few clicks, they can type in your script in your native language, choose the language they want it translated to, and even select the style of voice they prefer. The app provides licensed music powered by Epidemic Soud one of the global leaders in royalty free music to add to their ad in seconds, and if they have footage, simply upload it to the app and voila! With an accuracy rate of 87%-94% of a human voice, users can choose from a number of emotions such as friendly or conversational, you can even make voices whisper. But that’s not all – by the end of this year, the app will launch an ultra-premium service including voice cloning, where voices will be indistinguishable from humans, giving you the ability to create perfect voiceovers including translations in countless other languages across the globe. The possibilities are endless with this innovative technology, and it’s not only set to revolutionize the way we communicate, but the way businesses market! 

As the voice technology industry becomes increasingly competitive, VAIR LTD stands out from the crowd. Unlike many of its competitors, VAIR LTD prioritizes growth over greed and focuses on building long-term relationships with its clients. By offering an affordable product, businesses can create high-quality content without breaking the bank. While others in the industry are still catching up and also may rely on generic Text-To Speech technology, VAIR LTD has been working in the voice space for 20 years and is the only company that provides a translation feature in their product. In addition to that, VAIR LTD aims to support voiceover professionals and businesses alike by providing tools to provide leverage to advance their careers. By prioritizing the customer experience and long-term growth, VAIR LTD is quickly making a name for itself in this emerging market.

While there are more questions than answers surrounding the complicated world of Artificial Intelligence, one thing is certain, VAIR LTD is changing the game in the Text-To-Speech industry along with advertisement industry. With their effective and affordable product, businesses can create high-quality marketing campaigns in any language for any marketing budget. Unlike their competitors, VAIR LTD has been in the Audio and Sonic Branding sector for over 20 years, so their vast knowledge is shared with their clients and with their commitment to put people over profits they’re creating long term relationships with clients by providing exceptional value and customer experience. This company is not just trying to catch the wave and get rich quick; they are disrupting the industry and transforming the way businesses communicate and market their products. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize the way you create content. Visit today to learn more about this exciting technology!