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The Future of Functionality in Modern Appliances

Everyone in the modern age has made use of modern appliances to make everyday life and living much easier. Appliances such as toasters, ovens, microwaves and kettles have all changed the way that we lead our lives and the way we use things. All of these modern appliances are electrically powered and can bring functionality into our lives that makes everything much faster and have our food ready at the click of a button. As the world changes and evolves, this is primarily due to the evolution of technology which changes constantly over the years.

For most people, the simple functions of modern appliances is enough, however there are many more smart functions that have changed the way we use appliances forever. The rise of smart appliances has come in accordance with the rise in smartphones, smart TVs and even smart blinds. Everything is about convenience nowadays, and appliances are no different.

Smart appliances are defined as appliances which are in some way linked digitally or to the Internet and can provide their functionality and services through the use of advanced technology. Great examples of this would be fridges linked to smart assistants which can help to add food to shopping lists, check temperature and remind you to buy certain things. These are appliances which once were considered advanced through their functionality but are now able to interact with their users to achieve a higher level of functionality through various features.

Another example could be a Bluetooth smoker which is connected to a smartphone. You are able to monitor the temperature and even the cooking level of the meat all from your smartphone. These mentioned appliances are just the tip of the iceberg in which appliances are evolving into something more for their users. That being said, there are those who do enjoy the throwback retro vibes of old school appliances before the rise of smart appliances.

retro toaster

2 slice retro colorful stainless steel toaster with 6 bread shade settings >> you can purchase it here

Many of the demographic have believed in the retro aesthetic of old school appliances, as well as their simple functionality without so much going on which can often be perceived as complex. These retro-based appliances are becoming more and more popular, with retro products being produced by many companies on the market.

For example, the Redmond 2 slice retro toaster brings back that old school 50s-60s style of appliances, while giving it a modern twist to ensure that you are not experiencing old school functionality!

From a simple lever to cook the toast to a customizable blue light on the button and custom bread shade settings, this retro toaster aims to bring back the aesthetic of retro products while promoting modern functionality but leaving out the overcomplicated nature of smart appliances.

6 bread shade settings is not something you would normally see on a previous appliance, and the simple but effective addition of a removable crumb tray is wholly welcomed for any toast connoisseur.

While the smart appliances may be taking over the industry, there are definitely people out there who enjoy the old school products of the past while still maintaining the functionality of the 21st century. For these people, the market is definitely there and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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