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The Freedom Era is Making Online Entrepreneurship Attainable

For the motivated and tech-savvy, the internet has proven to be a profitable place. Whether they have a unique product, an attractive service, or sometimes just an appealing personality and a lot of creativity, the world wide web provides a forum unlike any other. For the first time in history, connecting with potential clients, coworkers, and mentors is just a click away, simplifying networking and increasing the number of leads you can create within a day.


But even though your favorite influencer may make their business model look easy to create and maintain, nothing could be further from the truth. An online presence takes time and effort to cultivate, and monetizing that presence is another hurdle entirely. For every success story, there are thousands of people who give up due to not having a clear vision of what they’re selling, or they don’t understand how to best utilize social media to their advantage.


But for those who partner with The Freedom Era, the learning curve is significantly shorter. Thanks to their Academy, which teaches relative newbies the ins and outs of social media marketing, how to run paid ads, how to manage social media pages, and how to become good at storytelling, automating your social media presence has never been easier.


That’s just one of the many benefits of partnering with a company as you start your online business; the list goes on from there.


What Exactly is The Freedom Era?

The Freedom Era is made up of several components: their self-lead coursework called The Academy; their high-ticket, leveraged offer; their monthly Masterminds with some of the industry’s biggest names; and their community of motivated, passionate entrepreneurs who support each other and lift each other up.


When you put the elements of The Freedom Era together, you have the tools necessary to build an online business, the offer to maximize your earnings, constant motivation and education, and a supportive network of people with the same goals and vision that you have.


With everything that you need to be successful at the tip of your fingers, all that’s left is for you to invest fully in your education and personal growth while attracting your “soulmate” clients. Unlike other online business models that provide you with a product to sell but no support, The Freedom Era is a one-stop shop for those seeking freedom of time and money.


If you’re entirely new to the idea of running your own business, that’s okay too. The Academy covers the basics like business strategy, leadership, digital marketing, and personal development so that you understand how to best allot your time and how to prioritize tasks so that you reach your goals.


What Do the Freedom Era Reviews Say?

Any discerning customer will read the reviews before they make a decision on a purchase; when it comes to starting a new career and choosing a company to partner with, reading the reviews is just good business! 


The Freedom Era makes their thousands of five-star reviews public, so there’s no hiding the love amongst their tight-knit community. The people who make up The Freedom Era are arguably the best part of the entire experience: beautiful, educated, ambitious, and relentless in the pursuit of their dream lives. The friendships that are formed between members last for a lifetime.


Online reviews for The Freedom Era read like these ones:


I love this platform, it is next level in webinars, masterclasses, and step-by-step guides in helping you set up your business online. It is so easy to navigate and implement the strategies.

It is such a great opportunity for anyone wanting life transformation with masterclasses on Mindset, personal transformation and so much more.

I love it and I know you will too.” – Mary Hitchcock



Where do I even begin? This isn’t just a training academy.

It’s a community and family of authentic beautiful souls that support one another on each other’s journey while creating a huge impact and movement.

The Freedom Era has my heart at home and I am forever grateful for everything it has and continues to bring.

The professional standards with the Leaders, training and Business Strategies are second to none.

This is the place to be a part of if you’re wanting to create Money, Freedom, Family, Impact, and a Legacy.

We are all real people with real results.

And this is why there is so much success daily within this community globally. Because of the leaders, the high-end training, and the culture created within this community.

I love it all from the support, the training, the mentorships, the momentum, weekly master classes, weekly team growth meetings, the everyday celebrations, the yearly celebration festivals/ events, the automation, to the Team catch-ups.

The Academy literally has it all there for you to follow, plug in and duplicate.” – Lucy Braithwaite


I joined The Freedom Era a little more than a year ago and it was the best decision I made for my business.

I am so blown away by the high-caliber training involved that they offer. This platform is not just about how to start and up-level your business, but how to be the best version of yourself! There is so much personal training from top leaders in self-development it’s incredible. Outside of this platform, you would pay thousands of dollars to be coached by these people and they are at your fingertips inside the academy.

TFE offers the best education in video training, automation, funnels, promotional resources, weekly master mentorship calls, and a trial discovery process with a digital business service that provides incredible sales support!

You can not go wrong with your business inside of this platform! My business has turned a corner for the better after joining and I am so grateful for that!” – Jenn D Starr


If you’re looking for a life-changing experience, a new opportunity, an education in business, an incredible support system, or all of the above, it’s time that you consider The Freedom Era.