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The free the modern business card – melink

The first business card was born in the 1960s when Xerox created the “Xerox card” for its sales force. The card served as a sales ID, expense report, and directory for all other Xerox-authorized salespeople. Today before any businessperson travels on company business, they are required to give out their business card (the paper kind) to people who might be able to help them further down the line.

Networking is the lifeblood of business, so why not free people up to network on their own time? To that end, there is a new free digital business card on the market today called ‘melink’ (pronounced like ‘me’ and ‘link’ together), which connects consumers with each other.

The melink card acts like a bank debit or credit card that links the user’s contact information with whoever else they want to connect with. The card is also a unique business card that can be used for networking. The melink digital card is free of charge but has a premium upgrade for additional features like digital mutlipe cards.


The new digital business card called ‘melink’ is an innovative concept for new types of businesses, organizations, entrepreneurs, and anyone on the go who wants to connect more effectively. It was developed by ‘Max Jacobs’ which he describes as “a very simple way of connecting people who are on the move with each other.”  Why?_ Just think of how many people share contact information on any given day which requires a super slow flow of data between one another… The company plans to establish a drop system to release new unique designs of their devices.

The Five Star ‘Reviews’ After announcing their new project, the company received a flood of social media activity and customer reviews. Many people loved the fact that they could easily connect with someone and provide their contact data to them instantaneously and cleanly. Users loved the card’s ease of use and all agreed that it was a great idea to help people network.

The Potential Market Size for melink The company has identified a specific market opportunity for those who could benefit from such an innovative product as melink including (but not limited to):

  • Business professionals
  • Travelers or those who frequently engage in networking events or conferences, etc.
  • Job seekers
  • Small business owners or small business entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who wants to easily share contact data with their friends, network partners, colleagues, clients, etc.

What are the opportunities? The new digital business card provides a secure way to share any information with anyone else through the ‘melink’ device or QR code.


And the ‘modern’ business card is just like the credit card of 1958, the ‘melink’ digital business cards will fundamentally transform commerce in our time.

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