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The Hype Around The Final Fantasy NFT: Announcement Of It’s Upcoming 10,000 Unique NFTs

The appeal of one of gaming’s most well-known brands is going to be experienced once more by gamers in the Metaverse, this time based on the theme of Final Fantasy. Users can join the Metaverse by possessing Origin NFTs.

The Seventeenth Metaverse game initiative is diving into the blockchain gaming space based on the 17th chapter of Final Fantasy. The initial collection consists of 10,000 algorithmically created NFTs, each with its own set of traits and properties. The project will be proceeding with a stealth launch.

NFT gamification mixes blockchain technology with traditional game elements such as point scoring and competitiveness, and Final Fantasy games are easy to grasp even for newcomers. The first and most important fact that GameFi possesses is that it generates value for gamers, which allows players to earn NFTs or cryptocurrencies. Final Fantasy has little to explain in this aspect, which is understandable given the game’s immersive nature.

‘The Seventeenth in here is based on the theme of Final Fantasy,’ said the project’s creators. ‘Final Fantasy XVII has finally arrived due to the prowess of Hironobu Sakaguchi working tirelessly and for venturing into the Metaverse. Our efforts allowed this project to enter the blockchain gaming industry after a year of pure hard work.’

To give an idea of how The Seventeenth phases will play out, it will begin with the sale of the first 10,000 Origin NFT collections. Shortly after when the Metaverse launches, new players coming onboard must choose their characters from among the 10,000 Origins and fuse them on the blockchain to participate in games, rewarding Origin Holders with ETH for each fusion. After their avatars have been fused, players will be granted access to the Metaverse, where they can hunt for in-game items, fight, and gain new skills through its immersive gameplay. Final Fantasy now boasts 35 million daily active gamers ready to onboard the Metaverse and the Immutable X chain will be used to facilitate the game, ensuring a smooth gaming experience and low transaction fees.

Players worldwide are able to gather in the Metaverse to play, watch, and trade virtual experiences in an immersive 3D world. It is also predicted to change how individuals engage with one another. Gamers will receive a similar experience on The Seventeenth.

Metaverse gaming ventures may come and go, but with a capable team like this, we’re keen to see how much higher the bar will be set for future Gaming projects, like this one.

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