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The Fascinating Journey of Debbi James, Daughter of an Action Star and Supermodel

There is no doubt that Debbi James deserves a spot amongst the best female artists in the world. She is a prolific singer, songwriter, and performer with electric dance moves that leave the crowd on their feet. Debbi has created a vibrant music career with sweet angelic vocals that perfectly blend any beat she lands on.

Born in France, Debbi shares diverse roots, including Africa and Israel. She is the daughter of American actor, stunt performer, and martial art expert Steve James, famously known for the American Ninja franchise. Debbi’s mom was an Israeli-born top model, with numerous awards to her name. Coming from such an artistic powerhouse makes many think that Debbi had an easy time establishing herself in the music industry, which is not the case.

Devastatingly, Debbi lost her parents at a young age before establishing her music career. She lost her dad to pancreatic cancer and her mom to suicide. Debbi was left to face the world alone, without a clear path in life. She had been robbed of her supportive pillars, leaving her in an empty world with lots of unfulfilled dreams.

Fortunately, the young Debbi turned to music to console herself as that’s what she had learned to do best. Music had been a language she knew from the age of 5, and her early childhood years were full of musical treats from ballroom, salsa, and belly dancing to singing and dancing along to the music. She has a profound love for music, and she knew that she would do her best. In fact, it was the ideal career path that provided her with the opportunity to keep the family legacy alive. Her parents had achieved so much, building a legacy that she felt she had to continue.

Debbi later moved to Los Angeles to pursue a better life, landing a job as a waitress in a restaurant. However, she was new to American culture, and she found herself struggling with English. But she was quick to adapt and learn American English and slang thanks to her server and customer service roles at work.

It took her time to get to grips with the new culture, but she quickly switched back to pursuing her music goals the moment she had it all figured out. Debbi started writing songs while working with some of the top producers and vocal coaches in the US. This was a significant boost in enhancing and improving her music skills, molding her into the well-rounded artist she is today.

Her success as an artist and model is inspirational to anyone out there. She is a classic example of achieving your dreams if you remain focused and dedicated to your goals. Debbi has released hits and enjoyed touring with great music stars, including Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, and Rotem Cohen. Her exceptional acting skills have seen her featured in numerous international commercials. Debbi has also made an appearance on the popular show The X Factor. She landed herself the opportunity of a lifetime to tour with legendary Israeli artists Noa Kirel, Shlomi, and Rotem Cohen.

Debbi’s dream is to grow her music brand to impact more people as she desires to leave her mark on the world.