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The Drinks Group Holdings CEO Peter J. Robson signs lucrative wine deal

Peter J. Robson is the current CEO of The Drinks Group Holding Ltd, a United Kingdom based company that is underpinned by nine companies in beer, wines and spirits.

The Drinks Group Holdings Ltd was incorporated in 2018 to manage the ever-increasing asset base in premium, super premium and ultra premium alcohol products. The companies within the group include; Strong House Brewery Ltd, Loch Shiel Whisky Ltd, Casa Vizzini Ltd, Jose Reyes Bodega Ltd, to name a few.

The Drinks Group specialises in producing British craft ales and lagers, Italian wines, Spanish wines, white spirits such has gin and vodka, cognac and scotch whisky. With over fifty brand ranges developed prior to 2015, The Drinks Group Holdings and its subsidiaries have an extensive global market reach with a core range of products.

The CEO has more than twelve years of experience in the drinks industry, and gained his experience working for a wholesaler. We have also noted that Peter J. Robson is an engineering technologist who gained his qualification in that field. With such a high degree of technical ability, his achievements in the drinks industry come as no surprise.  We have noticed that, via his website, there are some historic family relationships that drive his ambition.

In November 2018, the company joined in a “meet the buyer expo” that was held in Shanghai, China.  The event was part of the CIIE, “China International Import Expo”, the first of its kind to be organised in the country for British produced premium brands.

On display, a range of brands from the group, Casa Vizzini Ltd’s wine range, Brit-ish craft beer, Goggins beers, and Hawkeye beers from Strong House Brewery Ltd. There was also a range of spirits on showcase, such as Loch Shiel single malt, Loch Alsh premium whisky from The Loch Shiel whisky ltd and a range of gins and vodka products such has Nijinsky Vodka.

During the tasting event, a deal was struck after intense negotiation. This was overseen by Country Manager Mr Bliss Wang, brand Ambassador to China for Divine Distillates Group, which is the brand development division within The Drinks Group.

A report has surfaced that the deal is valued at $7million over a five-year agreement commencing Q3-2020, with discussions taking shape on new products for this region.

Immediately after the event, Sky Digital TV interviewed both companies due to the widespread interest in such a lucrative contract. Sky TV discussed how the contract will take shape in the coming weeks and years ahead of the products arriving in Chinese ports. Peter J. Robson explained in the interview, “I am open to working closely with our new partners, we will strive to ensure that the Vizzini brand is fully supported by the marketing company Divine Distillates, and our team. We will pay close attention to detail so we can successfully expose the brand in the Hunan province.”

The Hunan Match Making event was collaboration between the British Government and the Chinese Government, as well as other European countries.

We have learnt that Peter J. Robson secured a beer import contract back in November December 2017, the deal sealed and signed for three craft products.

This is the second time in less than 12 months that the CEO has signed lucrative deals in China, with it being one of the fastest-growing economies for British products. In the last 12 months, the company Strong House Brewery – another subsidiary under The Drinks Group Holdings ltd – signed a craft beer deal for three of its brands; Goggins, Hawkeye Stout and Brit-ish. The products are currently in circulation in China, and the first delivery took place in 2018 under a five-year deal.

It is undisclosed, but we are led to believe that the contract has a book value over $10 million.

We have learnt that the company is working on the final stages of several new contracts for Whisky and Gin, with continued development of current brands within the Chinese market.

In a TV interview with CGTN, a news channel based out of China, Peter J. Robson CEO of The Drinks Group Holding Ltd explained the difference between exported beers from Strong House Brewery and local Tapp ales served in Uk pubs and bars around the UK.