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The banking and Fintech Entrepreneur – Andrew Anastasiou was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year

Andrew Anastasiou, the banking and Fintech entrepreneur hitting headlines across the Fintech industry is nominated for the 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award is given out to entrepreneurs who have made a significant difference to the lives of others or the infrastructure of our environment, and some of the world’s top names have been handed this amazing title.

One entrepreneur who absolutely deserves this award is Andrew Anastasiou. Andrew Anastasiou is the Man behind companies such as WireWallet and LyncPay, both payment services companies which allow cross border payments via IBANs and eVouchers. He is also extremely well known in the banking and payments industry for his unbelievable knowledge and network, and this is why he has been nominated for this award.

This year’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award has seen some 100,000 entries for the title, with around 500 of those being nominated by peers in their industry and the award ceremony is set for April 2021 and no event center has been approved as of yet.

We have not managed to speak with Andrew Anastasiou as of yet, however, a local publication is said to have interviewed the entrepreneur and media outlets are waiting for this publication to go live in order to get a better understanding of how Andrew Anastasiou is feeling, and what he thinks about the awards and where it could benefit his career in the Fintech industry.