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THC use is beginning to grow in the United States as companies such as Delta 8 promote their safe and fully legal products

Delta 8 is one of the companies at the forefront of the THC industry. What may not be known to many Americans is that there are forms of THC that are completely legal in the United States in the same way that CBD is. Delta 8 sell products that contain this legal Delta 8-THC and aim to raise awareness for their products in order to eliminate the safety risks that come from consuming illegal black-market products. Their campaign Legal THC 4 All has already begun to spread this knowledge and save lives.

Hi Bentley, can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hello, I own and operate a company called Delta 8. We specialize in a range of Delta 8-THC products. I have a background in digital marketing which has been extremely useful for promoting our business in a developing industry. Our team is dedicated to pushing this industry forward with innovative campaigns and products. We are very excited to see what the future holds for us and for our industry.

What products do you sell at Delta 8?

At Delta 8 we sell a range of products all based around a top selling brand of cannabinoid named Delta 8-THC. As other forms of THC are illegal in the United States, we aim to provide a safe and completely legal option to consumers. We ship to many states for free and provide a one stop shop for any products that customers might be after. We currently sell a range of different brands in addition to our premium brand of products. This is accompanied by smoking accessories. We plan to keep developing out store and adding the newest and most exciting products so that we can provide the widest selection to our customers for the best price!

Why are these products important?

Because other forms of THC are illegal, consumers are unable to validate the contents of their product and have no idea what kind of nasty products might have been mixed in. At our company, we are saving people’s lives by providing a clean alternative to black-market products and allowing consumers to verify the safety of these products. We care about our customers’ needs and also aim to reward them for their loyalty through the deals offered to our email club.

How can your products be verified?

We are proud to be one of the companies that is a frontrunner in the way that our products are verified. Every single one of our products has its own unique QR code that, when scanned, shows consumers the exact lab results of the product that they are about to consume. This way they can see for themselves that the product is safe and authentic and contains the safe and legal levels of THC.

What is unique about Delta 8-THC in comparison to Delta 9-THC?

Delta 9-THC is actually the only version of THC that is illegal in the United States. Products must contain less than 0.3% of Delta 9-THC to be legal according to the Farm Bill that was passed in 2018. Hemp products that contain less than this amount are perfectly legal and are what we sell at Delta 8. The Farm Bill is the same law that legalized CBD federally and is the reason that we can sell Delta 8-THC. It is made from hemp and has low levels of the illegal stuff.

Is THC dangerous to consumer?

Many people are scared of THC due to the vaping related deaths that have been occurring over the past few years in the United States. These deaths however, can be traced back to those black-market THC vape cartridges that I mentioned earlier. 99% of the deaths were due to the nasty cutting agents that had been added to them. When your THC is authentic and the lab results can be verified, you can ensure that your product is safe to consume. As with anything, caution is key and if you are careful and diligent with checking the contents of your product, your THC-use will be safe.

Delta 8 has created the Legal THC 4 All Campaign. Can you tell us what this is?

Absolutely! We started the Legal THC 4 All Campaign to raise awareness about our product and spread the word that a legal and safe version of THC exists. We don’t think enough people realize that they can obtain THC in this way and want to reduce the number of deaths from black-market products by providing a safe and effective alternative. Different states have different laws and this campaign is particularly for those in states that prohibit them from accessing THC. This way, they won’t have to wait for marijuana to become fully legalized. You can find the campaign through our website or by following us on Instagram and Twitter @delta_8thc.

Why did you decide to create this campaign?

We started the Legal THC 4 All Campaign primarily to spread awareness and help people realize that laws do allow them to access THC if it contains less than 0.3% of Delta9-THC. When CBD was legalized, we at Delta 8 felt that many were left disappointed when the hype did not live up to their expectations. We believe that our products could be the solution to meeting people’s expectations.

What do you predict that the THC industry will look like in the future?

Well, the government may eventually fully legalize all forms of THC. For now, however, we hope to create the future of the industry by providing a THC options that is already legal. We hope that cannabis consumers across the country become aware of this and choose Delta 8 products so that they can legally, and most importantly safely, fulfil their expectations for cannabis. The industry only continues to grow and will most likely become a huge industry over the next few years. My team and I look forward to being at the forefront of this growth and hope to continue providing innovative products to our customers.