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Teenager Alexander James Rodriguez wants California to Bloom Again

13-year-old Alexander James Rodriguez has released his new high-energy pop song, “California” and it’s just the inspiration California needs to hear ahead of Governor Newsom’s re-opening plans for the state.

To celebrate the teens new song, we have learnt that Getty Images took a collection of portraits of the British-native in Los Angeles, and they are as fun-packed as his high energy song.

Alexander explained, “I wanted to create a song that celebrated all things California, and now that Governor Newsom is re-opening in just a couple of weeks, the release of ‘California’ is perfect timing, and the spark we need to energize the state back to the new normal.”

The British teenager, who now lives in Los Angeles, is hoping his song ‘California’ will inspire people to visit the state and explore what he himself enjoys doing. The songs music video is vibrant, full of energy and showcases some of the great things to do in the state. Watching the video all the way through is highly recommended as the teen has even added a few fun clips paying homage to a couple of Hollywood movies.

‘California’ Official Music Video:

Alexander James Rodriguez | California [Official Music Video]

Alexander James Rodriguez has definitely sparked the interest in the media, who are championing his song, ‘California’ to be the new U.S state of California song. We couldn’t agree more. The teenager has a fresh vibe and vocal to carry the state past the pandemic and into a positive and bright future. He has our vote!

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