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Taylor Ross

Taylor Ross ‘Chronicles’ Success in 2023: Bridging Continents, Central Operations, and Social Impact Initiatives

As Chronicle Home’s CEO and Founder, Taylor Ross has steered the company toward remarkable milestones in 2023, marking a year of expansion, connectivity, and impactful initiatives.

Here, Ross shared with us exclusive details about his achievements, offering insight into the dynamic direction of Chronicle Home, the premiere choice for bespoke, handcrafted furniture for designers.

Bridging Continents: A Triumph in Connectivity

In a groundbreaking move, Ross successfully oversaw the completion of the first of many bridged projects linking America and the Middle East. This project encompassed the sale, manufacture, and delivery of bespoke furniture, culminating in captivating photo sessions that captured the essence of his vision for cross-cultural collaboration.

“Building bridges goes beyond physical connections; it’s about creating bridges of understanding and appreciation between diverse cultures. The completion of this project signifies a triumph not just in business, but in fostering meaningful connections for Chronicle Home. We don’t really care what we leave behind in a country; it’s the ‘who’ that matters. These steps signify that humans were engaged in a way that is meaningful,” Ross shared.

Turkiye Central Operations: A Hub of Innovation

Another pivotal milestone for Chronicle Home this year was the establishment of central operations in Turkiye. This strategic play positions Chronicle Home at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, facilitating enhanced efficiency and innovation in the production and distribution processes.

Ross stated, “Turkiye holds immense potential as a central hub for our operations. It’s not just a geographical pivot but a strategic one, allowing us to optimize our processes and better serve our global clientele. Just this week, I met with a partner. They had been told by experts in their country that furniture ‘Could not be sold to America;’ it was impossible as ‘Americans cannot be pleased.’ I knew that bridging the potential was huge. This was an industry meeting and seminar!”

Social Impact Operations in Eastern Europe: Beyond Business

In a testament to Ross’ and Chronicle Home’s commitment to social responsibility, he spearheaded the initiation of social impact operations in the Eastern European region. These initiatives aim to contribute positively to local communities through various projects and collaborations.

“Social impact is an outgrowth of holistic business; holistic business is an outgrowth of holistic people. By extending our operations into Eastern Europe, we’re taking steps to make a meaningful difference in the communities where we operate,” Ross emphasized. “Social impact is not an add-on; it’s an integral part of our identity. Eastern Europe is special, and our social impact there ranks above profitability. Business is for the benefit of people; not the other way around.”

Reflecting on Success

Ross further shared with us his perspective on the interconnectedness of business and purpose, stating:

“These bridged projects aren’t about furniture; they’re about bridging humans. It’s a celebration of diversity and collaboration. And Turkiye isn’t just a location for central operations; it’s strategic and it gives us access to some of the most talented humans alive. Who else will begin the connecting of these craftsmen to the market that hungers for something beautiful and wise if not us? We have to do it. ‘Being’ informs ‘doing.’  We’ll access these regions because we are a bridge.”

Ross continues to embody the values of purpose-driven entrepreneurship, seamlessly integrating business success with social impact. As Chronicle Home charts new territories and forges meaningful connections into 2024, Ross remains dedicated to a vision that extends beyond profits — a vision that encompasses identity, connection, joy, adaptability, and a rebellious embrace of rest in his entrepreneurial journey.

With these milestones, Taylor Ross and Chronicle Home exemplify the evolving landscape of purposeful entrepreneurship, proving that success is not only about the bottom line but also about the positive imprint a business leaves on the world.

About Taylor Ross

With 4 shops on 3 continents, Founder of Chronicle Home, Taylor Ross, is the furniture designer with capabilities to provide the bridge between elite interior designers and craft artisans at volume. Ross’s claim to fame are his wooden bathtubs and sinks; his pieces have been featured by ICFF Miami, ICFF NYC, Wall Street Journal, KBB, and At Home Arkansas. For more information and to get help with a project, please visit