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1. Hello, Tatiana! You are included in the list of the most recognizable and popular bloggers in Ukraine. How did you achieve such success? Are there any” secret ingredients ” for success?

I am probably one of the first bloggers in Ukraine. But there is no special secret. I just love what I do, and I’ve been doing it for many years. A blog is a full-fledged part of my life. Therefore, I do not treat it as a job, but just do my favorite thing.

2. In your blog, you wrote that at first you did not believe the offer to act in a movie with a  JeanClaude Van Damme. How did you feel when you realized that was true?

Indeed, the first thought was that was someone’s bad joke or the work of scammers. Then I realized that Instagram gives a lot of opportunities, including the opportunity to be noticed and invited to act in a movie scene for Netflix.

3. Did you often meet Vandam on the set? What are your impressions of him as a person and as an actor?

I wouldn’t say that often. But we had time to get acquainted and find a common language. And I am delighted, because  Jean-Claude Van Damme is a very talented person and a true professional in his field. I noticed that he was not feeling very well on the day of the shooting, but when the camera turned on, he immediately forgot about everything and transformed. He played his hero, who was cheerful and full of strength and energy. I think it’s a talent to be able to get used to the image in this way, even despite your well-being.

4. Have you seen other famous actors on the set? Whom?

There were a lot of French actors on the set. As well as all the main characters of the film “The last mercenary”.

5. Tatiana, tell us how the shooting took place?

Filming took place in a nightclub. It lasted 12 hours. Each scene was filmed several times from different cameras and angles. I can say that this is not easy. Unfortunately, a lot of what we shot did not make it into the film. But nevertheless, it was an amazing experience to communicate with Van Dam and the film’s director David Charhon.

6. How confident did you feel in the role of an actress? Have you already had a similar experience?

I have acted in several music videos before, but this is the first time in a full-length film. I was a little surprised, because everything turned out to be more complicated than I imagined. Each scene is shot from several angles, there were a lot of people, light, equipment around. Despite the fact that this was my first experience of this kind of filming, everything went quite comfortable.

7. What are your impressions after filming in general? If you are invited to play a movie again, will you agree?

The shooting left only the most positive impressions. I never planned to become an actress, but it’s very interesting. And I would try again.

8. Tell us, do you see yourself as an actress? Have you ever thought about changing your occupation?

I must admit that this profession is very interesting. But I’m already doing what I love, I have a lot of plans, so I don’t plan to change my occupation yet.

9. What moments from the shooting did you remember the most?

Oddly enough, the most memorable thing was not the shooting itself, but the time spent between takes. During these breaks, we just talked with the entire film crew. And these moment became the most exciting.

10. These shootings have become an exciting adventure for you or still an invaluable experience that will be useful to you.

It was still more of a spontaneous adventure. But the producer of the film subscribed to me on Instagram and said that he has several more interesting projects planned in the future, so who knows…

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