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Tanisha Jamison speaks about her mission of inspiring other women to achieve their goals and live their best lives through her business Hood2Heights

Tanisha Jamison is a highly successful entrepreneur with a plethora of thriving businesses continuing to grow under her leadership. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is and was inspired by many women who came before her. Now, she hopes to pass on her knowledge of the entrepreneurial world and help other people who are embarking on journeys similar to hers. Her business Hood2Heights provides simple tips and tricks for growing a business and continues to help women become high-earners with successful careers.

Hi Tanisha, to start can you tell us a bit about your journey as a businesswoman?

Hi, I’d love to. My entrepreneur journey started when I was only 19. I was a nanny and discovered that I had a great passion for nurturing and caring for children. At 24, I began my own home day care to expand on this passion. When I had kids of my own, I knew I needed another innovative business venture. By the age of 28, I had two more successful businesses that were growing rapidly every day. I can now say that I have been a successful entrepreneur as well as a successful teacher, child advocate, and author. Through achieving these goals at such a young age and being able to live the life that I had always dreamed of, I was inspired to encourage other women to do the same and make their dreams reality.

How did you go about developing Hood2Heights?

I came from an impoverished neighborhood in Cleveland and am all too familiar with the feelings of self-doubt that come with that. I wanted to create a life that I was proud of and that made me feel fulfilled and through hard work and dedication I was able to do so. I decided to create Hood2Heights as a means to encourage other women who are in similar situations to where I was to reach their goals. I want to inspire them to see that they too can create the life that they want for themselves. Success is achievable for everyone no matter your situation.

Tanisha Jamison

What services do you offer?

Hood2Heights is an informative platform that aims to offer inspiration and advice to women on how to improve your circumstances and build a life that you want to live. I offer online classes, known as my Millionaire Masterclasses that coach people towards developing their businesses and becoming 6-figure entrepreneurs. I also offer one-on-one coaching services with me and have an e-book full of helpful advice that is available to read.

How can these services be beneficial for an individual?

My services are aimed at helping people achieve what is known as a “passive income”. This means that you are earning money without spending excessive amounts of time on the project. Most six-figure entrepreneurs make the majority of their money this way and it’s also how I make most of my money. My services provide people with handy tips for growing their business to the stage where they can also enjoy the benefits of passive income.

What inspires you to help others?

I myself was inspired by the tips of many other successful ladies who came before me. I am now motivated to pay it forward and help other businesswomen who are starting out and looking for hacks for growing their business. The advice of successful women was able to help me get to where I am today and I hope to provide the same inspiration to others.

What role does inspiring women to reach their goals and to be independent have in our current society?

Women are capable of accomplishing anything they put their minds to. I have managed to create a number of successful businesses and become the breadwinner for my family. This independence is extremely empowering and a feeling that I want to share with as many other women as possible.

How important is it for women to push themselves to achieve more?

You should never settle for less than you deserve. Everyone is capable of reshaping their lives and creating one that they are happy with. I want to take away the self-doubt and socio-economic barriers that limit my clients and help them achieve financial wellness.

What values do you hope to cultivate in the people who use your services?

Hood2Heights has continued to shape passionate, independent and courageous women who are committed to living their best lives. I provide the tools but they do the work. Time and time again, my clients have proven that they are capable of anything they set their minds to.

Thank you Tanisha for your time!

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