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Tamara Payne

Tamara Payne, LCSW and certified divorce mediator discusses her approach to divorce mediation via A Tranquil Room

A Tranquil Room specializes in providing psychotherapy services as well as divorce mediation. Founded by Tamara Payne, a qualified and licensed clinical social worker and certified divorce mediatior, the practice has been helping couples stay together and divorce amicably. She provides divorced couples an alternative more peaceful pathway through divorce.

Thankfully, Tamara was able to answer some questions we had about her firm, specifically her role as a divorce mediator.

Hi Tamara. In your view, why is divorce mediation so vital to families that are splitting with children?

The process of divorce can be incredibly stressful. My role is to help couples engage in dispute resolution and reliable dialogue between both parties. Once this has happened, I will begin working on solutions that will ensure that both parties are content with the scenario moving forward.

There are a variety of reasons why divorce mediation is the best choice when going through a divorce. If you have children, you can maintain some semblance of normality for them. As a certified divorce mediator, I know first-hand how difficult divorces can be and the long-term impact it can have on the lives of your children. I can help you finalize your divorce, file the relevant documentation and move on with your life.

What are the major benefits of divorce mediation?

There are many benefits of choosing divorce mediation over going through the courts. It is quicker to go through a mediator like me, as opposed to the court system. I can help you with child custody arrangements, division of assets, alimony and other relevant debts. In addition, divorce mediation is the most sensible option because it is far more affordable than going through a lawyer.

Concurrently, I will ensure that your divorce mediation remains logical and straightforward, minimizing the chances of anger and frustration leaching into the process. Finally, the entire process will be confidential and flexible. I will give you and your former partner the autonomy and chance to make your arrangements regarding the splitting of assets, custody arrangements and other relevant decisions. This way, you can rest assured knowing that every decision you make will benefit you and your family.

How much do you charge, and how did this compare with solicitors?

So, compared to practicing family law attorneys, my rates are very competitive. I charge a fee of $250 per hour, whereas some lawyers 2-3 times that price.

Thank you Tamara for your time!
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