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Tama Leia Gave Us a Sneak Peak of Her New Collection and I Want Everything!

From cozy light-weight sweaters to luxurious lounge-wear and even stunning gold jewelry Tama Leia is an expert at creating sustainable, long lasting beautiful pieces.

Her signature style is definitely luxurious. I would even say it is very is fit for royalty.

How long did it take you to create this collection?

TL: It has been in the works for several years now. I decided to take my time to make sure I was able to really create the vision I had in mind. I spent a long time experimenting with different fabrics to find the ones that were the most luxurious, yet long lasting.

Tama Leia

What was the most important element of this collection to you?

TL: I wanted to create clothes and accessories that would be good investments.  I like things that can be worn over and over again but keep their luster and strength. Everything I own gets lots of usage. I don’t like to keep anything in my possession unless I use it a lot.

And on another token I also don’t want to get sick of my clothes, so I am drawn to classic pieces that never go out of style.  My style is effortless comfort, but I also like to look very polished. Those are the elements I always wanted to have in my collection.  And I’m happy to say what we created has exceeded my expectations. I’m in awe of the team of people who helped me. They were able to duplicate my vision so beautifully.

It is very special what we were able  to create together.

How did you figure out which pieces to create for your jewelry collection?

TL: For the jewelry line I ended up attending jewelry classes to learn the intricacies of designing. Once I felt like I understood what I needed to then I started asking my friends which jewelry pieces they wore the most, which ones were there favorites and why. I also did a lot of research until I felt like I knew exactly what I wanted to create.

You use a lot of gold vermeil I noticed:

TL: Yes, I like gold vermeil a lot. When I learned the history of it it made me love it even more.

In French vermeil means “gilded silver”. The technique was developed in 18th century France, mostly for royalty and other crown jewels.  The base is silver, but it’s heavily plated with gold to make it very durable. The bonding of the two metals creates long lasting, high quality, wearable jewelry.

Tama Leia has already started creating on her second collection which includes a luxury hobo bag and some beautiful rain boots for the rainy seasons ahead.

You can follow up with Tama Leia at:

Tama Leia