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Taking the virtual world to next level with his innate ideas and strategies is an born genius, Hunter Johnson.

Hunter Johnson aka “Dark Prince of the internet” is an young computer prodigy has taken over the digital world by storm. 

The humongous amount of growth and talent that the world has witnessed over the past couple of decades has mesmerized millions of people across the globe. With the onset of digitalization many different sectors and domains have found great level of momentum among wider masses. Be it be the Retail sector or Healthcare, or Entertainment, or IT niche, every field has grown by leaps and bound welcoming millions of talent to showcase their mettle. With the world giving special emphasis to IT and computer fields, many aspiring youngsters are choosing it as an career and profession in the long run. We came across one such ace computer prodigy and genius who has been taking giant strides across the virtual world exuding sheer talent, brilliance, and passion- Hunter Johnson.

Hunter Johnson aka “Dark Prince of the internet” is an passionate professional in his twenties that that rocked the online world with his ideas, strategies, and many other imperatives. Being inclined towards the digital world, this young mastermind has garnered much recognition and fame in an short span of time. Hunter Johnson embarked on his digital journey from the age of 13 years when he designed an online game which amassed more than 1 million active users and a small fortune of around $500,000. By the age of 20 years, Hunter got more than 50 million YouTube views on his influencer advertisements. Today at 22 years of age, Hunter has entered the information aggregation industry creating an innovative algorithm that made him a multi-millionaire. This algorithm compiles every detail of any person over the internet, be it be information about one’s social media, phone numbers, emails, past addresses, criminal history, and much more. 

Cashing on the business front, Hunter took the opportunity of providing this one-of-a-kind algorithm as a service for businesses and entrepreneurs of the world. Hunter has been able to scale $700,000/month in subscription revenue after providing the algorithm as an service. Living by the name “Dark Prince of the internet, Hunter has been able to use AI-based marketing to many other business ideas and turn it into his by adding few different elements, strategies, and other market imperatives. 

For more details, follow him on Instagram @hunter_johnson to know more.