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Take on the day with these 3 mantras for handling negativity

Negativity — whether it be stemming from your own thoughts or thrown at you by others — can really weigh you down and keep you from living your best life. It adds baggage, triggers anxiety, promotes stress and is overall difficult energy to deal with. But here’s an important reminder: It’s not impossible to overcome negativity. Here are five mantras you should recite to yourself to keep the negative thoughts at bay!

1. “I choose to overcome negativity.”
This may sound too simple but the first step to handling negativity is to actively choose not to give in to it. When you remind yourself that submitting to negativity is a choice you can make, you give yourself the option to conquer it!

2. “The negativity of others have no power over me.”
It’s no secret that no matter what you do or what you say, detractors will always have something negative to say about it. But reciting this mantra will remind you that you shouldn’t give them the power to control you by doing so. What’s important is that you know your circumstances and you believe in yourself no matter what you’re going through.

3. “Being too hard on myself will get me nowhere.”
This mantra is for those times when your negative thoughts spring from your own self-criticism. Remind yourself not to stress too much about every mistake you do and that the next step should be to work on self-improvement. Take every stumble as a learning experience instead of an opportunity to tear yourself down.