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Taisha Williams from PaperVault Publishing talks about creating functional planners to help women achieve an organized and thriving lifestyle

Taisha Williams is the woman leading the charge with PaperVault Publishing, a company that’s imminently launching its range of functional life planners. These planners help women organize their professional and spiritual life so that they can be on top of their game at all times and truly thrive.

Taisha was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Hi Taisha, can you tell us a bit about your background and how it led to PaperVault Publishing?

For many years, I worked as the Founder/C.E.O. of DivaStyle Tax Prep. It was at that desk that PaperVault Publishing was born. I am a true girls girl! I LOVE orange and pink, flowers, and cute stuff. Whether it’s for my home or office, cuteness is a necessity!

For many years, I lost inspiration sitting at my desk staring at old bland calendars. Year in and year out, I would travel every office supply store in hopes of finding a cute desk pad calendar. One day, my best friend/parent’s other daughter Theoria Ukiyo said, “If you can’t find something, create it!”

That was the inception of PaperVault Publishing.

Taisha Williams

How has using functional calendars and planners impacted your life?

Each of the planners was designed based on my life. “Girls Just Want to Have Funds!” was created after quite a few risky investments! I was nearly half a million dollars in debt, but I still wanted to have fun! The envelope system worked perfectly for me! Holding the cash, in hand, led to an awareness of the money I was spending and saving. I was able to explore the world and ease my way out of the mountain of debt! The Boss B.I.S.H. series goes into detail how to use your rent for vacation stays!

Prayery:- Yes, like a diary! I now realize I am a spiritual being having a human experience! However, it took time and tears to get here. Along that journey, my relationship with God grew closer. Prayers never expire I went through a place in life when I wasn’t smart enough to pray for myself, but I survived on prayers by loved ones! The Prayery consist of a buddy challenge, prayer watch hours and journaling, all things I use continuously!

NOLA- New Orleans born, bred, and raised! New Orleans is a city that is unlike any other. People may say it the food, but it’s the charm, citizens and culture that keeps you coming back! I have lived in other cities. As soon as you’re unpacked the cravings and homesickness settle in.

NOLA was designed for the New Orleanians both home and away. For those away will have a taste of New Orleans every day and those home can admire our beautiful city on paper and in person!

Boss B.I.S.H.- Just sums me up. B.I.S.H stands for Beautiful, Intelligent, Sophisticated, and Hardworking. In July 2019 I had a botched carpal tunnel surgery which has taken the boss out of me, prior I was founder/C.E.O. to DivaStyle Tax Prep, Travel in Style, Hmm Bruh Trucking, Immaculately Styled and Stylish Images. Tax prep, travel agency, hot shot trucking, cleaning service and t-shirt company. I am on The Boulevard to a Billion!

Many days I wanted to quit and go back into the rat race- get a job! Seeing billionaire women and reading their inspirational stories kept me going.

What do your luxury planners have that others lack?

As a true girls girl, I like pictures! Sasha does amazing work. Outside of being cute, they are truly functional; we cover the most important aspects of life – faith, family, and finance!

Our SAVE planner is equipped with the “envelope system”. This system allowed me to pay off debt and still travel the world.

Our P.R.A.Y.E.R.Y. comes with buddy challenges, prayer watch hours, bible study notes and most importantly, words of wisdom from clergy members!

Our Boss B.I.S.H. Planner has wisdom and inspiration billionaire women.

And NOLA. What more can I say? “There’s no place like home.”

Taisha Williams

Who are the Pristine Patrons, and what are the benefits of becoming one?

Pristine Patrons are customers that have decided to save! Becoming a Pristine Patron gives 20% off and free shipping for one calendar year in addition to birthday and anniversary gifts. As of writing this, we have sold over two thousand memberships.

What can we expect for Paper Vault Publishing in the upcoming year?

NOLA, PRAY, SAVE, BOSS are the first of many planners and calendars. Upcoming releases include February- African American, March Women’s History, May- Asian American, June- L.G.B.T.Q., September- Hispanic American, October- disability employment.

In July 2021, I will release my series Boss B.I.S.H. Those who can’t- teach!

You want to be a Boss? Listen Carefully, 

One Woman Army: Your Business Won’t Be Small For Long, 

Passive Income- The Secret to Life, 

I retired at 35!

My surgery has made life very different. If I return to work at all, it’ll be in a limited capacity. Simply by knowing, 90 hour work weeks are a thing of the past. I started talking to my iPad, and a few months later, I had a book! I now have a total of four. These books are my life. Opening a business, running a business, hiring and firing, developing your portfolio, and most importantly, becoming financially free – allowing your money to work for you.

Thank you Taisha for your time!
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