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Switch to a zero waste closet in 5 easy ways

Transitioning to a zero-waste closet isn’t as daunting as it sounds. After all, we can hold on to clothing pieces for a very long time when we make mindful garment choices. All you need is creativity and you can be on-trend even with a minimal wardrobe. To help you start, here five easy ways to make the zero-waste transition.

  1. Take a Hard Pass

Being on-trend doesn’t necessarily mean buying all the latest designs especially from fast fashion brands. So whenever you’re tempted to purchase new clothes, try and see if you can do without it. Consider whether or not it’s something of necessity or if it’s just the little voice of instant gratification whispering in your ear.

2. Buy Thrifts

When it’s time to add to your wardrobe, turn to thrift stores instead of going straight to the mall. The secondhand clothes market is actually full of high-quality gems that come with great value. Doing so saves you money, lessens your impact on the environment and allows you to express your style with unique pieces.

3. Borrow, Lend or Rent

Certain clothes worn just for special occasions are usually stowed away after one or two uses. Instead of letting it gather dust why not make some good use out of it? Rent out your formal clothing or lend it to someone who needs it. That way, they won’t have to make an unnecessary formal wear purchase. The same goes for you! If you can avoid a purchase by borrowing a nice dress from a sibling or friend, why not?

4. Repair or Refashion

Instead of throwing outstretched out or damaged clothes try to salvage it as much as you can. You can either sew and repair it yourself or refashion it to make something completely new. Especially if it’s just a missing button or a frayed hem that’s the problem. You can even tweak and personalize it during the process.

5. Buy Ethically

If you’re willing to spend on brand new clothes then try buying from specific companies that manufacture ethically source items. Many companies are taking a sustainable approach to clothes as a business. Even Adidas is attempting to manufacture shoes from only recycled plastic and completely do so by 2024.