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Successful Instagram entrepreneur Nathan Johnson shares his secret to success

Nathan Johnson got an early start on the massive success he now enjoys on Instagram. He runs multiple pages that are bringing in enough income for him to be his own boss and continue scaling his business. By getting into the Instagram game early, when he was just 13 years old, Nathan has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience for earning money through Instagram.

The success Nathan enjoys is something he attributes to a combination of happiness and freedom. His girlfriend, Ryan Donovan, has made a major impact on the way he views success. Nathan used to view success as just seeing more money in his bank account. However, today he sees that it also involves having a genuine support system in your life of people who help you experience true happiness. The secret to long-lasting happiness is to be doing what brings you joy.

Of course, Nathan still places plenty of emphasis on being financially set and stable. However, he no longer sees money as the only indicator of how successful he is. There are now intangible qualities he looks for as well.

entrepreneur Nathan Johnson

Freedom is what makes Nathan happy above everything else. The only way he can achieve that freedom is to work hard and make enough money so he can be wherever he wants to be, doing whatever he desires, whenever he wishes. The vision of a life like this is what fuels Nathan to keep grinding away and scaling his already-successful business.

Another secret to Nathan’s success involves a mindset shift. He believes that growth requires you to be uncomfortable. In fact, Nathan says to never, ever get too comfortable. If you do, you become complacent and stop the push to do anything new. While he admits this may seem like harsh advice, he has found it to be true time and time again.

He recommends never getting comfortable only making a certain amount every month or year. Even if it seems like you’re making a lot of money, avoid placing a limit on what you can achieve. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be happy about the success you are having.

Personally, Nathan has found that goal-setting is incredibly helpful to achieve tremendous success. He makes sure to set both short-term and long-term goals for himself and his business. Following a disciplined path toward ever-greater success has led to Nathan becoming quite content with where he is in his entrepreneurial journey.

Nathan is always striving for more. He looks up to successful entrepreneurs and mega-billionaires like Elon Musk, who are always doing more, even when it seems they have it all. Yes, be happy with what you achieved and where you are at, but keep moving forward and expanding your vision of what is possible to accomplish. This is advice we can all benefit from. Coming from someone like Nathan, who has achieved immense success at such a young age, it’s well worth listening to.