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Study finds eating breakfast helps you stay slimmer

A new study from the researchers from Mayo Clinic suggests that individuals that eat breakfast regularly can help them stay slimmer. Adults that eat breakfast often are less likely to gain weight and reduces their chance of developing belly fat on a dangerous level.

The research conducted consisted of 250 adults where their breakfast habits were analyzed. The researcher found that on average people who eat breakfast regularly gained 3 pounds a year. Occasional breakfast eaters gained 5 and those that skipped it all together put on 8 pounds.

While doctors haven’t found a specific correlation between breakfast and weight gain, there is a leading theory. A cardiologist at the Mayo Clinic, Dr Viend Somers, stated that eating a good breakfast in the morning lowers your chance of being hungry throughout the rest of the day.

The dangerous belly fat that has been found to reduce when breakfast is eaten refers to the fat that produces toxins in your blood vessels. Regular breakfast eaters have stated the findings from the study are rather straight forward. You are less likely to crash and crave food throughout the day when you have breakfast.

This study has also been the basis of promoting younger generations to develop a healthy breakfast habit so that they can maintain a healthy weight in their adult life.

The findings from this study have also been noted to be considered as preliminary as they haven’t been officially published yet.