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Studium Dekor: This Interior Design Platform Wants to Curate Your Dream Bathroom 

Consumers are projected to spend $60 billion on bathroom remodeling projects in 2023, but the Studium Dekor team, a digital platform featuring an e-commerce solution for all-inclusive and customizable designer bathrooms, knows that a do-it-yourself bathroom project is a convoluted experience. More often than not, these DIY projects do not result in the Pinterest-worthy look homeowners have in mind.

This reality is what inspired founder and CEO Danielle Queiroz to revitalize the traditional bathroom renovation process as we know it. In response, she is preparing to launch Studium Dekor in late 2023 to give homeowners from all walks of life access to designer bathrooms that are tailored to their actual unique spaces. 

From Bespoke Interior Projects to Bathroom Design Startup

Queiroz started her career as an interior designer, working with property developers and private clients in the United Kingdom. But the initial concept for Studium Dekor came in 2020 when her best friend reached out to Queiroz for help redesigning her bathroom on a budget.

“I couldn’t use my usual suppliers and instead had to source products from various online retailers and local outlet stores selling thousands of similar products,” Queiroz recalls, addressing the challenges that came with the project. It was amid a seemingly endless scroll through bathroom tiles that inspiration for Studium Dekor struck. 

“Unless a homeowner hires an interior designer or architect, they have to go through an overwhelming and daunting journey to build their dream bathroom,” explained Queiroz. “They browse Pinterest for ideas and inspiration but struggle to figure out exactly what to do, find the right products, stay on budget, and get the outcome they had envisioned.”

Interior design is still a semi-luxury service. Most people instead, opt for an overwhelming do-it-yourself bathroom design journey to save money to invest in products and materials. 

Queiroz launched the first iteration of Studium Dekor as a Facebook campaign, offering free design services to homeowners looking to overhaul their bathrooms. At the time, she had no idea how to transform it into a solid business. But she fell in love with that problem and was determined to find a solution. In a short time, more than 180 potential clients responded. That powerful response inspired her to find a way to provide clients with Pinterest-worthy designs without the hefty design fees. 

Renovating The Bathroom Design Experience

The Studium Dekor portfolio will include collections of all-inclusive design packages, starting at $8,000 for products and materials. Aesthetics range from sleek and contemporary designs to luxe and glamorous, inspired by acclaimed hotels around the world—something for every taste on every budget.

Customers will browse new bathrooms by style and budget from the company’s website and enter their bathroom dimensions. Then, customers will work with a dedicated bathroom planner to customize the design of their choice into their real bathroom space and generate their custom shopping list and quote. 

The shopping list will cover everything from tiles, paint, and furniture to plumbing and electrical, saving homeowners several weeks of research and avoiding expensive design and ordering mistakes. While clients are responsible for appointing their own contractor, Studium Dekor will deliver all the products and the blueprints ready for a seamless installation and certainty of outcome. 

Combining Convenience and Innovation

Today’s customers are looking for innovative conveniences that save them time and money. According to Queiroz, these are the driving forces shaping the future of retail in the sector. The rapid advancements in technology continuously redefine consumer expectations, but technology alone does not fulfill that. 

For Queiroz, Studium Dekor’s winning innovation will come from the power of design to create products and services that foster an emotional connection. The platform cultivates a way for clients to engage through design, using technology as a way to deliver that experience.

The brand plans to launch its first capsule of contemporary bathroom collection later this year. If you want to buy a new designer bathroom, visit and sign up for notifications before its launch.