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Stephen Twomey of Kennected discusses LinkedIn marketing

Stephen Twomey ranks high amongst the world’s top voices in digital marketing. He holds the role of head of web strategies at Kennected, a digital marketing company focusing on LinkedIn marketing through automation. Stephen has been quoted in publications such as Hubspot,, Entrepreneur, BlueHost,, Business Insider and more. He leads digital strategy and operational activities at Kennected. The company’s services can be accessed through

In this interview, Stephen gave clarity regarding automation and the digital marketing industry at large, focusing on LinkedIn in particular. He also explains the Kennected tech and its effectiveness.

Stephen, how would you describe your role at Kennected?

First and foremost, I would love to acknowledge that being here is a great privilege. Thank you for having me. As regards my role at Kennected, I see to the daily digital web operations, management, and strategy at a company that helps people reach their goal on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional networking platform. Through our tech, we help cultivate connections, appointments, engagements, that can turn into paying customers or clients for our users. We simply help businesses and brands build real relationships at scale. Those relationships often do turn into sales.

As the head of web, I get to oversee many of these processes. We are committed to developing more and better ways of helping people reach their goals on LinkedIn. Having to spearhead increased innovative functions in the company also falls within the purview of my functions, seeing that Kennected is a company that is continually developing and evolving.

Who would you say are your most well-known competitors, and what makes you distinct?

Kennected is a distinct and fantastic company on its own. We pride ourselves in our tech, which has helped countless clients and persons on LinkedIn achieve their lead generation goals. There are other companies that offer LinkedIn automation. However, Kennected is a very safe and secure way of doing the automation. Another differentiator is the fact that we have a U.S. based sales staff. Our onboarding process as well, is one on one. We take the time to set up your campaigns. To understand your goals. Unlike our competitors, who have an automated process, where you do not get one on one help, with developing your messaging and scripts, the Kennected team really dives deep into ensuring you know how to use the tool, and have the proper ways of communicating to your ideal prospects.

Kennected helps you save time, allowing you to focus on things that matter, such as building genuine relationships with leads, and having real conversations. These things cannot and should not be automated. Kennected simply empowers customers to work on their business and not in it.

What do you see as some of the critical obstacles for Kennected?

We are growing so quickly that one bottle neck has been having enough salespeople to help sign up our new clients. We are also always looking for great salespeople or affiliates. We have a steady stream of people who are inquiring about Kennected, so we need people who are great at closing, to join our team.

How has the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affected the LinkedIn marketing industry?

The experience has been nothing short of amazing and challenging at the same time. It has been challenging, because we see the struggle that people go through, before they start using Kennected. After they start, they can see their sales pipeline start to fill up. And that is a great feeling, knowing that you are helping people grow their business or save their job. We have seen significant month over month growth, in spit of the Covid19 shutdown.

During this time, companies were forced to explore non-typical lead generation and networking options. We believe that people were turning to LinkedIn, as a way to network because face to face meetings and networking was not an option. Once people understood how time consuming doing out reach manually on LinkedIn is, they often look for a way to automate the outreach and prospecting part.

Thank you Stephen, for your time!
You can follow up with Stephen Twomey at or IG @stephentwomey