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Sowon Jung – a real estate agent that’s the real deal

Sowon Jung is a real estate agent representing Keller Williams Realty. With years of experience Sowon has the determination and passion to find you the home of your wildest dreams. We sat down with her to have a chat and pick her brain about her start in the business and the state of real estate today.

Hi Sowon Jung! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what got you started in real estate?

Hello, my name is Sowon Jung. I am a senior realtor with Keller Williams Realty. I have years and years of experience in the field being able to provide the best housing solutions for each of my many clients. Real Estate has always been a passion of mine in helping people find their dream home and that is why I still do what I do.

Was working in real estate always something you wanted to do?

Yes, I love the real estate business! Like I said previously, it has always been my dream to help others find a sense of home. Buying a house is one of the most important life decisions you must make, and I am always honored to be a part of the process of helping each of my clients.

What makes the Keller William Realty stand out from other real estate businesses?

Our advanced technology of course! We are leading the way for massive brand exposure on getting houses listed on top property websites such as Trulia and Zillow. We also have an app making it easy to look for homes right within your location and budget.  You can search anytime and anywhere, save properties to your profile, and schedule viewings with an associate. Searching and selling properties have never been this easy.

Sowon Jung
Sowon Jung

What are the benefits of the realty app?

With the Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Search app, you gain access to over 4 million properties all from the comfort of your mobile phone. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, making it easy to use from anywhere. You can even book in a time with me to view a particular house on the app. If you are on the lookout for what trends and insights for properties near you, you should sign up!

What should people look out for when buying their dream home?

When buying your dream home, it is best to look for a space that you love but work within their lifestyle and budget. Think about the location, price, and size of the house. As much as your space should fit the image in your head it is just as important to be practical when buying a home. You can always make the space yours.

How is the real estate business during this time of COVID-19?

The real estate industry has been thriving despite COVID-19. It has been definitely a different working situation having to wear masks when meeting clients, sanitizing, cleaning the homes, and checking temperatures. All these measures are very important in combating the spread.

Why should people hire you to help them find a house?

From my years of experience and knowledge, you can rest assure that you have a real estate agent you can trust. I will be there to guide and hold your hand as you are buying or selling your home. I am dedicated when it comes to making sure you are provided with the best offer based on your personal needs. With the support of Keller Williams Realty, you’ll have an enthusiastic agent at your hands with access to the most advanced technology and advice to ensure you get the home of your dreams.

Thank you Sowon for your time!
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